VKA - Virginia Kidd Agency

Unsolicited Electronic Query Requirements

  • No attachments: all content must be in the body of the message
  • No colored text: black text on white backgrounds
  • No images: all content must be text
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point minimum (non-HTML text is acceptable)
  • Content:
    1. A brief message
    2. Your bibliography
    3. Any relevant industry information:
      • Co-authored works
      • Previous representation
      • Awards
      • Award nominations
    4. A brief synopsis in text format (no .doc or .docx)
    5. The first 1-3 chapters of the work in text format (no .doc or .docx)

Electronic Manuscript Requirements
(if we request your manuscript)

  1. Upon printing out, manuscripts must be one-sided, on 8.5x11 sheets, with minimum 1" margins.
  2. Lines: double-spaced.
  3. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point minimum
  4. Paragraphs: indent the first line five spaces.
  5. Italics: indicate by underlining.
  6. Hyphenation: Don't. The publisher takes care of that.
  7. Blank lines: center a # character in the line.
  8. First page top: your real name, e.g. "Jane Deering"
  9. First page, top right: reasonably accurate word count.
  10. First page, dead center: Story Title.
  11. Immediately after title: "by Janette Doe" — pen name can go here.
  12. Omit copyright notice and rights statements.
  13. Begin the body of the work one blank line under "by Janette Doe"
  14. On subsequent pages, last name and page number at upper right: "Deering/2"
  15. Last page: Center the word "end"

Print a few pages. Make sure the pages come out as described above.

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