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Novel:Title: Operation Exile Group:Operation

Novel:Title: Operation Isis Group:Operation

Novel:Title: Operation Longlife Group:Operation

Novel:Title: Operation Misfit Group:Operation

Novel:Title: The Devil Wives of Li Fong 
Novel:Title: The Jade Enchantress 
Novel:Title: Satans On Saturn
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Novel:Title: Yaqui Gold 
Short story:Title: Well of the Angels Also as De Bron van de Engelen [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Dragon's Daughter Also as Dochter van de Draak [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Snake Goddess Also as Eve Was a Snake

Short story:Title: The Lord of Illusion Also as Il signore dell'illusione [Italian]

Short story:Title: The Rajah's Gift Also as Le présent du rajah [French]

Short story:Title: Selene Walks By Night Also as Selene Slays by Night

Short story:Title: House of Monoceros
    Clark Ashton Smith
Also as The Old Gods Eat
Also as House of the Monoceros

Short story:Title: Through the Gates of the Silver Key
    H. P. Lovecraft
Group:Dream Cycle
Group:Randolph Carter
Also as A travers les portes de la clé d'argent [French]
Also as Durch die Tore des Silberschlüssels [German]

Short story:Title: Ismeddin And the Holy Carpet Group:Ismeddin

Short story:Title: Shaykh Ahmad And the Pious Companions Group:Ismeddin

Short story:Title: The Slave of Justice Group:Ismeddin

Short story:Title: The Bride of the Peacock Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: Lord of the Fourth Axis Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: The Peacock's Shadow Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: Queen of the Lilin Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: The Return of Balkis Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: Satan's Garden Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: The Word of Santiago Group:Pierre d'Atois

Short story:Title: The Dreamer of Atlânaat Group:The Dreamer of Atlânaat

Short story:Title: A Jest And a Vengeance Group:The Dreamer of Atlânaat

Short story:Title: Allah Sends a Reaper 
Short story:Title: Another Road To Destiny 
Short story:Title: Apprentice Magician 
Short story:Title: Apricots from Ispahan 
Short story:Title: Bones For China 
Short story:Title: The Cat Goddess 
Short story:Title: Crystal Clues 
Short story:Title: The Cyclops of Xoatl
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Short story:Title: Daughter of the Gods 
Short story:Title: Dawn of Discord
    Clark Ashton Smith
Short story:Title: Desert Magic 
Short story:Title: Desert Romance 
Short story:Title: The Destroying Demon 
Short story:Title: The Devil's Crypt 
Short story:Title: The Dragoman's Jest
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Short story:Title: Drink Or Draw 
Short story:Title: Envoy To the Kahn 
Short story:Title: Escape From Hyper-space 
Short story:Title: Every Man a King 
Short story:Title: Exile From Venus 
Short story:Title: The Fire And the Flesh 
Short story:Title: The Forgotten of Allah 
Short story:Title: Fugitives From the Future 
Short story:Title: The Girl From Penang 
Short story:Title: The Girl from Samarcand 
Short story:Title: Graven Image 
Short story:Title: Gray Sphinx 
Short story:Title: The Hand of Wrath 
Short story:Title: The Hands of Janos 
Short story:Title: Hands of the Dead 
Short story:Title: Hasheesh Wisdom 
Short story:Title: Heart of a Thief 
Short story:Title: The Infidel's Daughter 
Short story:Title: Jade Pagoda (witchcraft & Sorcery #8) 
Short story:Title: Khosru's Garden 
Short story:Title: A King Is Next To God 
Short story:Title: Kiss of Sekhmet 
Short story:Title: Letters of Reminiscence 
Short story:Title: Makeda's Cousin 
Short story:Title: Man Without Memory 
Short story:Title: Medusa's Kiss
Writing as:
    Hamlin Daly
Short story:Title: Message For Mctavish 
Short story:Title: The Mirror of Ko Hung 
Short story:Title: Murderer's Moon 
Short story:Title: Murder Salvage 
Short story:Title: Night in Manilla 
Short story:Title: One More River 
Short story:Title: One Step From Hell 
Short story:Title: Pale Hands 
Short story:Title: Peach Blossom Paradise 
Short story:Title: Pit of Madness 
Short story:Title: Prayer To Satan 
Short story:Title: Revolt of the Damned 
Short story:Title: Saladin's Throne-rug 
Short story:Title: Satan's Daughter 
Short story:Title: Satans of Saturn
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Short story:Title: Scourge of the Silver Dragon 
Short story:Title: Selene 
Short story:Title: The Seven Securities
Writing as:
    Hamlin Daly
Short story:Title: Shadow Captain 
Short story:Title: The Shadow of Saturn 
Short story:Title: Shaykh Ahamad And the Pious Companions 
Short story:Title: She Herded Him Around 
Short story:Title: The Spanish Vampire 
Short story:Title: Spotted Satan
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Short story:Title: Strange Gateway 
Short story:Title: The Stranger from Kurdistan 
Short story:Title: Sweetheart From the Tomb 
Short story:Title: Tarbis of the Lake 
Short story:Title: Thirsty Blades
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Short story:Title: The Throne of King Kawoma 
Short story:Title: Tomb Dweller 
Short story:Title: Triangle with Variations 
Short story:Title: Vengeance in Samarra 
Short story:Title: The Walking Dead 
Short story:Title: Web of Wizardry 
Short story:Title: When in Doubt, Mutate! 
Short story:Title: Wolves of Kerak 
Short story:Title: Woman in the Case 
Short story:Title: The Word of Bentley 
Short story:Title: You Can't Eat Glory 
Short story:Title: You Can't Fight a Woman 
Art:Title: Hpl's Astrological Chart (1979) 
Nonfiction:Title: Book of the Dead: Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers & Others (memories of the Pulp Fiction Era) IHG Best Non-Fiction award nomination (2001)
Locus Best Non-Fiction award nomination (2002)

Collective:Title: Cosmos
    Raymond A. Palmer
    E. E. Doc Smith
    A, Merrit
    David H. Keller, M. D.
    P. Schuyler Miller
    Earl Binder
    J. Harvey Haggard
    Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
    Edmond Hamilton
    Earl Binder
    Arthur J. Burks
    Ralph Milne Farley
    Bob Olsen
    Francis Flagg
    John W. Campbell, Jr.
    Abner J. Gelula
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Collection:Title: Far Lands, Other Days World Fantasy Best Collection award nomination (1976)

Collection:Title: Satan's Daughter And Other Tales From the Pulps 
Collection:Title: Satans of Saturn
    Otis Adelbert Kline
Collection:Title: Strange Gateways 
Poetry:Title: Adam, To Lilith 
Poetry:Title: Astarte 

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