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Novel:Title: The Amulet Group:The Amulet

Novel:Title: The Cat With the Tulip Face Group:The Amulet

Novel:Title: Dark Journey Group:The Amulet

Short story:Title: Garbage Day in Ewerton Also as Garbage Day at Ewerton

Short story:Title: The Best Lives of Our Years Tiptree Gender-bending SF award nomination (1993)

Short story:Title: Above the Capitans, South of Corona, Near Arroyo Del Macho 
Short story:Title: The Anabe Girls 
Short story:Title: ...And Mongo Was His Name-O 
Short story:Title: ...And the Horses Hiss at Midnight 
Short story:Title: At Funland by the Swings, with Big Chuck 
Short story:Title: Between Long. 150° W. and 90° W., One Degree Above Hell 
Short story:Title: Bringing It Along 
Short story:Title: Bub And the Zomb Boys 
Short story:Title: Cat in the Box 
Short story:Title: The Cat-Tracker Lady of Asad Alley 
Short story:Title: Chiaroscuro 
Short story:Title: Ciné Rimettato 
Short story:Title: Civic Duties 
Short story:Title: Civic Duty 
Short story:Title: Contingencies And Penti-lope-lope
    John S. Postovit
Short story:Title: The Cuttlefish 
Short story:Title: Dark Journey - The "lost" 
Short story:Title: Dark Ladonna 
Short story:Title: Dear D.b. 
Short story:Title: Debris 
Short story:Title: Does It Ploop? 
Short story:Title: Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes— 
Short story:Title: Duet on Thin Ice 
Short story:Title: Etamin at East 47th 
Short story:Title: Fast Glaciers 
Short story:Title: A Fine and Verdant Place 
Short story:Title: The Fold-O-Rama Wars at the Blue Moon Roach Hotel 
Short story:Title: Four Days Before the Snow 
Short story:Title: From the Far Away Nearby 
Short story:Title: From the Walls of Irezumi 
Short story:Title: The Gemütlichkeit Escape 
Short story:Title: The German Lady 
Short story:Title: Gonna Get Tat in Qatmandude 
Short story:Title: Guardsmen Fed to the Tigers 
Short story:Title: The Hemingway Kittens 
Short story:Title: Holes 
Short story:Title: The Holiday House 
Short story:Title: Hunger 
Short story:Title: In a Fine and Verdant Place 
Short story:Title: Initial Appeal 
Short story:Title: In the Great Milk White Eye of God 
Short story:Title: Jemima 
Short story:Title: Just Another Bedtime Story 
Short story:Title: The Last Bedtime Story 
Short story:Title: Little Nips 
Short story:Title: A Little Pinch Is All You Need 
Short story:Title: The Magazine Lady 
Short story:Title: Milan, March 1972 
Short story:Title: The Mogul 
Short story:Title: Mother Gothel and Persinette 
Short story:Title: Murder by Appointment 
Short story:Title: Need 
Short story:Title: Need and the Horses Hiss At Midnight (Non-Vampire Version) 
Short story:Title: Night Skirt 
Short story:Title: No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be ... 
Short story:Title: Norm Littman's 15 Minutes
    John S. Postovit
Short story:Title: Of Vampires And Gentlemen 
Short story:Title: The On'ner 
Short story:Title: The Other Easier Way 
Short story:Title: Pillaging Poe 
Short story:Title: Pixeldated 
Short story:Title: Powder 
Short story:Title: Pretty Birds 
Short story:Title: The Realtor 
Short story:Title: ...redeem My Soul From the Power of the Grave...
    James B. Johnson
Short story:Title: The Redemption of Pop Gee 
Short story:Title: Restorations 
Short story:Title: Rigent—Double Agent and the Shopping Cart Bump 
Short story:Title: River of Glass, Mirror of Water 
Short story:Title: Robin Williams, Speaking Spanish 
Short story:Title: Rubbernecks 
Short story:Title: Scrap When Empty 
Short story:Title: The Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World 
Short story:Title: Showdown Between the Unnatural-Born Chimera and the Shadowfox Griefer 
Short story:Title: Simon Says 
Short story:Title: [Skin] / 
Short story:Title: Smothered Dolls or the Girl Who Could Never Be Good 
Short story:Title: Soft 
Short story:Title: St. Jackaclaws 
Short story:Title: Stone, Still 
Short story:Title: Street Coffins
    John S. Postovit
Short story:Title: A Subtle Shade of Sepia 
Short story:Title: The Sweet End of the Lollipop 
Short story:Title: Taking Down the Book of the Rough Beast 
Short story:Title: Tattoo 
Short story:Title: That Dress 
Short story:Title: The Thin Red Line 
Short story:Title: This Is the Way We Wash Our Clothes, Wash Our Clothes, Wash Our Clothes 
Short story:Title: The Time of the Bleeding Pumpkins 
Short story:Title: The Toddler Pit 
Short story:Title: Tomb of Nine Hundred Days 
Short story:Title: Trick Or Treat 
Short story:Title: The Twijfelen Challenge of the Pi Zi 
Short story:Title: The Uppyroake Kamikaze and the Virgin Shredder 
Short story:Title: ... Warmer 
Short story:Title: What Falls From the Life
    John S. Postovit
Short story:Title: When the Bad Thing Comes 
Short story:Title: The Wi'ching Well 
Short story:Title: With Cockles and Mussels, Alive, Alive-O 
Short story:Title: Yet Another Poisoned Apple for the Fairy Princess 
Chapbook:Title: The Cat With the Tulip Face 
Collection:Title: 'rillas And Other Science Fiction Stories 
Collection:Title: The Chimera And the Shadowfox Griefer And Other Curious People 
Collection:Title: Ewerton Death Trip: a Walk Through the Dark Side of Town 
Collection:Title: The Fold-o-rama Wars At the Blue Moon Roach Hotel And Other Colorful Tales of Transformation And Tattoos 
Collection:Title: The Hemingway Kittens And Other Feline Fancies And Fantasies 
Collection:Title: Of Vampires & Gentlemen: Tales of Erotic Horror 
Collection:Title: Smothered Dolls 
Poetry:Title: Death of the Star Fighter Gunner 
Poetry:Title: Just Herself 
Poetry:Title: Mothrasaurus 
Poetry:Title: Prison 
Poetry:Title: Some May Wonder 
Poetry:Title: They Used To Put the Gold Star in the Living Room Window 
Poetry:Title: Universes 
Poetry:Title: What the Janitor Found 
Poetry:Title: White Comma 
Poetry:Title: William Genesis Williams 

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