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Novel:Title: Spock, Messiah! Group:Star Trek Universe

Novel:Title: Star Trek: the Original Series Group:Star Trek Universe

Short story:Title: The Burning Also as Alles zusammen heißt Mutter [German]
Also as Le bûcher [French]

Short story:Title: Emergency Rations Also as Betrogener Betrüger [German]

Short story:Title: No Gun To the Victor Also as Consumer's Report
Also as Consumententest [Dutch]

Short story:Title: The Specter General Also as Der Generalinspekteur kommt [German]
Also as Der Generalinspekteur [German]
Also as Een Zaak Van Techniek [Dutch]
Also as Le général fantôme [French]

Short story:Title: The Wall Around the World Also as Die Mauer um die Welt [German]
Also as De Muur rondom de Wereld [Dutch]
Also as Il muro intorno al mondo [Italian]

Short story:Title: Aces Loaded Also as Falschspieler [German]

Short story:Title: Conventional Ending Also as Finale convenzionale [Italian]
Also as Une fin conventionnelle [French]

Short story:Title: Players At Null-g
    Algis Budrys
    Theodore L. Thomas
Also as Giochi Di Gravità [Italian]
Also as Les joueurs du Non-G [French]

Short story:Title: You Know Willie Also as Il Vostro Amico Willie [Italian]
Also as La peau d'un autre [French]

Short story:Title: Minimum Sentence Also as In der Zwischenzeit... [German]
Also as La condamnation minimum [French]

Short story:Title: Barrier Also as La barrière [French]

Short story:Title: Invasion Report Also as La guerre des astronefs [French]
Also as Rapport d'invasion [French]
Also as Invasionsbericht [German]

Short story:Title: The Cabbage Patch Also as La pouponnière [French]

Short story:Title: Limiting Factor Also as Limite naturelle [French]
Also as Les surhommes de Centauri III [French]

Short story:Title: Mr. Hoskin's Blasting Rod Also as Mr. Hoskin's Heel

Short story:Title: Impact With the Devil Also as Noir sur noir [French]

Short story:Title: Early Bird Also as Oiseau de printemps [French]

Short story:Title: Thimgs Also as Raccords [French]

Short story:Title: Probability Zero! the Population Implosion Also as The Population Implosion

Short story:Title: Threesie Also as Un souhait de trop [French]

Short story:Title: The Big Stink 
Short story:Title: Contact Point
    Poul Anderson
Short story:Title: Contact Point
    George Rae Cogswell
Short story:Title: Deal With the D.e.v.i.l. 
Short story:Title: Disassembly Line 
Short story:Title: Grandfather Clause 
Short story:Title: Lover Boy 
Short story:Title: Machine Record 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Knew Grodnik 
Short story:Title: The Masters 
Short story:Title: Meddler's World
    Mack Reynolds
Short story:Title: Meddler's World
    Theodore R. Cogswell
Short story:Title: One To a Customer 
Short story:Title: The Other Cheek 
Short story:Title: Pain Reaction
    Hal Randolph
Short story:Title: Paradise Regained 
Short story:Title: Prisoner of Love 
Short story:Title: The Short Count 
Short story:Title: A Spudget For Thwilbert 
Short story:Title: Test Area 
Short story:Title: Training Device 
Short story:Title: Wolfie 
Nonfiction:Title: Pitfcs: Proceedings of the Institute For Twenty-first Century Studies Hugo Best Non-Fiction Book award nomination (1994)
Locus Best Non-Fiction award nomination (1994)

Collection:Title: The Wall Around the World Also as Die Mauer um die Welt und andere Stories [German]
Retro Hugo Best Novelette award nomination (2004)

Collection:Title: The Third Eye 
Poetry:Title: Blowup Blues 
Poetry:Title: Dark Renascence 
Poetry:Title: Faex Delenda Est 
Poetry:Title: The Friggin Falcon 
Poetry:Title: Radiation Blues 
Poetry:Title: The Roper 
Poetry:Title: Warning 
Essay:Title: Introduction To Consumer's Report Also as Consumententest (voorwoord) [Dutch]

Essay:Title: The City
    Ralph S. Clem
Essay:Title: Introducing the Author 
Essay:Title: Lentil Soup 
Letter:Title: Analog, April 1976 
Letter:Title: Locus #206 
Letter:Title: Science Fiction Review #13 
Letter:Title: Science Fiction Review #23 
Foreword:Title: Introduction (early Bird)
    Theodore L. Thomas

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