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Novel:Title: Bright Flag of Tomorrow Group:Tomorrow / Dikar and The Bunch

Novel:Title: Children of Tomorrow Group:Tomorrow / Dikar and The Bunch

Novel:Title: The Long Road To Tomorrow Group:Tomorrow / Dikar and The Bunch

Novel:Title: Sunrise Tomorrow Group:Tomorrow / Dikar and The Bunch

Novel:Title: Thunder Tomorrow Group:Tomorrow / Dikar and The Bunch

Novel:Title: Tomorrow Group:Tomorrow / Dikar and The Bunch

Novel:Title: Drink We Deep 
Novel:Title: Exiles of the Moon
    Nat Schachner
Novel:Title: Seven Out of Time 
Novel:Title: Slaves of the Lamp 
Short story:Title: Back To 20,000 A.d. Group:20,000 A.D.

Short story:Title: In 20,000 A.d.! Group:20,000 A.D.

Short story:Title: Bargain Counter Corpse Group:Doc Turner

Short story:Title: Doc Turner's Death Number Group:Doc Turner

Short story:Title: Doc Turner's Murder Mask Group:Doc Turner

Short story:Title: Doc Turner—slave-buyer Group:Doc Turner

Short story:Title: The Murder Torch Group:Doc Turner

Short story:Title: Terror's Twilight Sleep Group:Doc Turner

Short story:Title: Death Rides the Sound Group:Red Finger

Short story:Title: Locked in With Death Group:Red Finger

Short story:Title: Red Finger's Murder Messenger Group:Red Finger

Short story:Title: Red Finger—death Dealer Group:Red Finger

Short story:Title: Army of the Maimed 
Short story:Title: Beyond the Spectrum 
Short story:Title: Black Laughter 
Short story:Title: Bodies For the Wax Factory 
Short story:Title: The Brothers From Hell
Writing as:
    Grendon Alzee
Short story:Title: By Subway To Hell 
Short story:Title: Caged Horror 
Short story:Title: Cargo For Hell
Writing as:
    Morgan Lafay
Short story:Title: The Cavern of the Shining Pool 
Short story:Title: Chains of the Living Dead 
Short story:Title: The Corpse Factory 
Short story:Title: Crawling Madness 
Short story:Title: The Dead-alive
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: Death's Cold Arms 
Short story:Title: Death's Mistress 
Short story:Title: The Death-cloud
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: Death Dancers 
Short story:Title: Death Lands a Cargo 
Short story:Title: Death Lives At Our House 
Short story:Title: Doom Dust 
Short story:Title: Dr. Midnight—surgeon From Hell 
Short story:Title: The Emperor of the Stars
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: The Faceless Men 
Short story:Title: Flight of the Silver Eagle 
Short story:Title: Girl of the Goat-god 
Short story:Title: Girls For the Spider Men 
Short story:Title: Goat Girl of Lussac 
Short story:Title: Graveyard Honeymoon 
Short story:Title: The Great Dome On Mercury 
Short story:Title: The Green Ray 
Short story:Title: Grim Rendezvous 
Short story:Title: Hell's Anteroom 
Short story:Title: Hell's Hungry Children 
Short story:Title: Hell's Station Master 
Short story:Title: Her Demon Lover 
Short story:Title: The Horror in the Crib 
Short story:Title: The House of Living Death 
Short story:Title: Island in the Sky 
Short story:Title: Jungle Interlude 
Short story:Title: Lair of the Snake Girl 
Short story:Title: The Land Where Time Stood Still 
Short story:Title: The Lanson Screen 
Short story:Title: Lilith—deep Lady of Death 
Short story:Title: The Little Walking Corpses 
Short story:Title: The Living Flame 
Short story:Title: Locked in With Murder 
Short story:Title: A Lodging in Hell 
Short story:Title: Lost in Time 
Short story:Title: Madman's Bride 
Short story:Title: The Man From Hell 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Would Not Die 
Short story:Title: The Master of Accidents 
Short story:Title: Mate For the Murder Messiah 
Short story:Title: The Menace From Andromeda
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: Midnight Fangs 
Short story:Title: Mistress of Horror 
Short story:Title: Mistress of the Beast 
Short story:Title: The Murder Trick 
Short story:Title: My Neighbor, the Corpse
Writing as:
    Grendon Alzee
Short story:Title: No Escape From Destiny 
Short story:Title: Priestess of Murder 
Short story:Title: Revels For the Lusting Dead 
Short story:Title: The Revolt of the Machines
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: Riverfront Horror 
Short story:Title: Satan's Bedchamber 
Short story:Title: Satan's Handmaiden 
Short story:Title: Satan's Scalpel 
Short story:Title: Satan Calls His Children 
Short story:Title: Satan Calls the Strike 
Short story:Title: The Sharp Teeth of Satan
Writing as:
    Morgan Lafay
Short story:Title: Soft Blows the Breeze From Hell 
Short story:Title: The Song of the Cakes
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: Spoor of the Bat 
Short story:Title: Summer Camp For Corpses 
Short story:Title: Sunward Flight 
Short story:Title: Table For Two 
Short story:Title: Thirst of the Damned 
Short story:Title: Thirst of the Living Dead 
Short story:Title: The Tower of Evil
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: The Two Moons of Tranquillia 
Short story:Title: Venus Mines, Incorporated
    Nat Schachner
Short story:Title: Venus Station 
Short story:Title: When Love Went Mad 
Short story:Title: When the Sleepers Woke 
Chapbook:Title: The Great Dome On Mercury 
Chapbook:Title: When the Sleepers Woke 
Collection:Title: The Corpse Factory And Other Stories Group:The Weird Tales of Arthur Leo Zagat

Collection:Title: Summer Camp For Corpses And Other Stories Group:The Weird Tales of Arthur Leo Zagat

Collection:Title: Graveyard Honeymoon 
Collection:Title: The Man From Hell 
Letter:Title: Author---author! - Startling Stories, September 1948 
Letter:Title: Mr. Zagat Explains - Weird Tales, January 1943 

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