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Short story:Title: The CanalAlso as Het Kanaal [Dutch]

Short story:Title: The Bird of SpaceGroup:Frank Allison

Short story:Title: Cattle of FurosGroup:Frank Allison

Short story:Title: An Adventure in Anesthesia 
Short story:Title: Call Not Their Names 
Short story:Title: Deadlock 
Short story:Title: The Elemental Law 
Short story:Title: From Beyond 
Short story:Title: The Gray Killer 
Short story:Title: Hideaway 
Short story:Title: The High Tower 
Short story:Title: The Hollow Moon 
Short story:Title: I Loved Her With My Soul 
Short story:Title: The Key And the Child
Writing as:
    Everil W. Murphy
Short story:Title: Leonora 
Short story:Title: Light-echoes 
Short story:Title: None So Blind
Writing as:
    Everil W. Murphy
Short story:Title: Norn
Writing as:
    Lireve Monet
Short story:Title: Once There Was a Little Girl 
Short story:Title: The Rays of the Moon 
Short story:Title: Vulture Crag 
Essay:Title: We Have With Us 
Letter:Title: Weird Tales, July 1942: Weird Tales Recommended Reading in High Schools... 
Letter:Title: Weird Tales, May 1953: Comment And Compliment 

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