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Novel:Title: Al Azif
Writing as:
    Abdul Alhazred
Writing With:
    L. Sprague de Camp
    Bob Dills
    Frank Halpern
    J. B. Post
Novel:Title: Hung in Space
Writing as:
    Felix Lance Falkon
Short story:Title: The Faithful Messenger 
Short story:Title: Not Omnipotent Enough 
Short story:Title: Not Polluted Enough 
Short story:Title: Not Stupid Enough 
Short story:Title: Not Virginal Enough 
Short story:Title: What's Wrong With This Picture?
Writing With:
    John M. Ford
    Barry B. Longyear
Art:Title: Amra V2n16, July 1961 
Art:Title: Amra V2n1, January 1959 
Art:Title: Amra V2n20 Cover, April 1962 
Art:Title: Amra V2n2 Cover, March 1959 
Art:Title: Amra V2n2, March 1959 
Art:Title: Balthus of Cross Plains (1972) 
Art:Title: Balthus of the Tauran & Robert of Cross Plains (1959) 
Art:Title: A Gent From Cross Plains (1959) 
Art:Title: Hercules (1959) 
Art:Title: Letter: On "yuetshi" Again (1966) 
Art:Title: One Man's Bem (1960) 
Art:Title: The Proceedings Cover; Discon 
Art:Title: The Protest (1960) 
Art:Title: Three Hearts And Three Lions (1962) 
Nonfiction:Title: Constructing Scientifiction & Fantasy
Writing With:
    John Ashmead
    Darrell Schweitzer
Nonfiction:Title: George Scithers's Con-committee Chairman's Guide 
Nonfiction:Title: On Writing Science Fiction (the Editors Strike Back!)
Writing With:
    Darrell Schweitzer
    John M. Ford
Nonfiction:Title: To Serve Man: a Cookbook For People
Writing as:
    Karl Würf
Poetry:Title: Limerick 
Poetry:Title: Some Notes On the Problem of the Source of Ancient Barsoom 

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