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Novel:Title: Computer WorldAlso as Chi vuole distruggere l'America? [Italian]
Also as The Computer Conspiracy
Also as Les conjurés de l'informatique [French]

Novel:Title: Computer WarAlso as Der Computerkrieg [German]

Novel:Title: of Godlike PowerAlso as Ed egli maledisse lo scandalo [Italian]
Also as Earth Unaware
Also as La puissance d'un dieu [French]

Novel:Title: This Time We LoveAlso as Four Letter Word

Novel:Title: The Space BarbariansAlso as Weltraumbarbaren [German]

Novel:Title: The Towers of UtopiaGroup:Bat Hardin

Novel:Title: RolltownGroup:Bat Hardin
Also as Imboscata alla città [Italian]
Also as The Towns Must Roll

Novel:Title: Commune 2000 A. D.Group:Bat Hardin
Also as Le comuni del 2000 [Italian]

Novel:Title: ExpediterGroup:Depression or Bust

Novel:Title: FadGroup:Depression or Bust
Also as Gewoontegetrouw [Dutch]

Novel:Title: The ExpertGroup:Depression or Bust
Also as Il n'y a pas de sot métier [French]

Novel:Title: Depression Or BustGroup:Depression or Bust
Also as La congiuntura [Italian]
Also as De Expert [Dutch]
Also as Effetto valanga [Italian]

Novel:Title: The Best Ye BreedGroup:Homer Crawford

Novel:Title: Black Sheep AstrayGroup:Homer Crawford

Novel:Title: Border, Breed Nor BirthGroup:Homer Crawford

Novel:Title: The Cold War ... ContinuedGroup:Homer Crawford

Novel:Title: Blackman's BurdenGroup:Homer Crawford
Also as Black Man's Burden
Hugo Best Novel award nomination (1962)

Novel:Title: The Fracas FactorGroup:Joe Mauser

Novel:Title: Joe Mauser: Mercenary From Tomorrow
    Michael A. Banks
Group:Joe Mauser

Novel:Title: Mercenary From TomorrowGroup:Joe Mauser

Novel:Title: The Earth WarGroup:Joe Mauser
Also as Frigid Fracas
Also as Guerra totale [Italian]
Hugo Best Novel award nomination (1964)

Novel:Title: Time GladiatorGroup:Joe Mauser
Also as Gladiator der Zukunft [german]
Also as Sweet Dreams, Sweet Princes

Novel:Title: MercenaryGroup:Joe Mauser
Also as Le mercenaire [French]
Also as Söldner [German]

Novel:Title: Equality: in the Year 2000Group:Julian West

Novel:Title: Looking Backward, From the Year 2000Group:Julian West

Novel:Title: Chaos in LagrangiaGroup:Lagrange

Novel:Title: The Five Way Secret AgentGroup:Lagrange

Novel:Title: Of Future FearsGroup:Lagrange

Novel:Title: Trojan Orbit
    Dean Ing

Novel:Title: Lagrange FiveGroup:Lagrange
Also as La sindrome della furia [Italian]

Novel:Title: Satellite CityGroup:Lagrange
Also as Vacanza a Satellite City [Italian]

Novel:Title: The Lagrangists Group:Lagrange
Prometheus Best Libertarian SF Novel award nomination (1984)

Novel:Title: Cry Wolf!Group:Police Patrol

Novel:Title: Extortion, Inc.Group:Police Patrol

Novel:Title: Police Patrol: 2000 A.d.Group:Police Patrol

Novel:Title: RompGroup:Police Patrol

Novel:Title: Criminal in UtopiaGroup:Police Patrol
Also as Criminel en Utopie [French]

Novel:Title: Mission To HoratiusGroup:Star Trek Universe

Novel:Title: AdaptationGroup:United Planets

Novel:Title: Brain WorldGroup:United Planets

Novel:Title: Fiesta BravaGroup:United Planets

Novel:Title: HatchetmanGroup:United Planets

Novel:Title: Psi AssassinGroup:United Planets

Novel:Title: Section G: United PlanetsGroup:United Planets

Novel:Title: The Rival RigeliansGroup:United Planets
Also as Conflict in de Ruimte [Dutch]
Also as Genoa-Texcoco: zero a zero [Italian]

Novel:Title: The Rival Rigelians And Planetary Agent XGroup:United Planets
Also as Conflict in de Ruimte / Planetair Agent X [Dutch]

Novel:Title: Dawnman PlanetGroup:United Planets
Also as De Planeet van de Dageraad [Dutch]
Also as Beehive

Novel:Title: Amazon PlanetGroup:United Planets
Also as Il segreto delle Amazzoni [Italian]

Novel:Title: Planetary Agent XGroup:United Planets
Also as Planetair Agent X [Dutch]

Novel:Title: Code DuelloGroup:United Planets
Also as Planet der Zweikämpfe [German]

Novel:Title: Ultima ThuleGroup:United Planets
Also as Welten im Aufruhr [German]
Hugo Best Novel award nomination (1962)

Novel:Title: Ability Quotient 
Novel:Title: After Some Tomorrow 
Novel:Title: After Utopia 
Novel:Title: The Case of the Little Green Men 
Novel:Title: The Cosmic Eye 
Novel:Title: Day After Tomorrow 
Novel:Title: Deathwish World
    Dean Ing
Novel:Title: Episode On the Riviera 
Novel:Title: Eternity
    Dean Ing
Novel:Title: Galactic Medal of Honor 
Novel:Title: The Home of the Inquisitor
Writing as:
    Maxine Reynolds
Novel:Title: Home Sweet Home: 2010 A.d.
    Dean Ing
Novel:Title: The House in the Kasbah
Writing as:
    Maxine Reynolds
Novel:Title: The Jet Set 
Novel:Title: The Kept Woman 
Novel:Title: A Kiss Before Loving 
Novel:Title: Once Departed 
Novel:Title: The Other Time
    Dean Ing
Novel:Title: Perchance To Dream 
Novel:Title: Space Pioneer 
Novel:Title: Space Search 
Novel:Title: Space Visitor 
Novel:Title: Tomorrow Might Be Different 
Novel:Title: Trample An Empire Down 
Novelette:Title: The Adventure of the ExtraterrestrialGroup:Luvver
Also as L'ultima avventura di S. [Italian]
Also as Het Avontuur van het Buitenaardse Wezen [Dutch]
Also as A földön kívüli lény esete [hungarian]
Nebula Best Novelette award nomination (1966)

Short story:Title: Come In, Spaceport Also as Antwoord
Also as Ruimtehaven [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Arena Also as Arena n. 1 [Italian]
Also as Par le glaive [French]

Short story:Title: The Other Alternative Also as Celui qu'on attendait pas [French]

Short story:Title: Husbands, Care And Feeding of Also as Comment soigner les maris [French]

Short story:Title: And Thou Beside Me Also as Compagnon immortel [French]
Also as Nous ferons route ensemble [French]

Short story:Title: Generation Gap Also as Conflitto Di Generazioni [Italian]

Short story:Title: Dead End Also as Das Blut entscheidet [German]

Short story:Title: Albatross Also as De Albatros [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Snafu On the New Taos Also as Der Pannenmacher [German]
Also as Wenn du das sagst, mein Lieber, dann aber freundlich [German]

Short story:Title: Pacifist Also as Der Pazifist [German]
Also as Les pacifistes [French]
Also as Pazifist [German]

Short story:Title: Speakeasy Also as Der Revolutionär [German]
Hugo Best Short Fiction award nomination (1964)

Short story:Title: The Hand of the Bard Also as Die Handschrift des Dichters [German]

Short story:Title: Where's Horatius? Also as Dov'era Orazio? [Italian]

Short story:Title: Genus Traitor Also as Een Geboren Verrader [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Survivor Also as Een Overlevende [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Spying Season Also as Espion en Eurasie [French]

Short story:Title: Gun For Hire Also as Fantamafia [Italian]

Short story:Title: Cartoonist Also as Garrigan's Bems
Also as Umorista di professione [Italian]
Also as Dessinateur humoristique [French]
Also as Vorsicht bei Karikaturen [German]
Also as Cartoonist [Dutch]
Also as Umorista di professione [Italian]

Short story:Title: No Return From Elba Also as Geen Terugkeer Mogelijk [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Subversive Also as Geschäft ist Geschäft [German]
Also as Subversif [French]

Short story:Title: The Business, As Usual Also as Gli affari come al solito [Italian]
Also as Zaken Zijn Zaken [Dutch]
Also as Gli affari, come sempre [Italian]

Short story:Title: The Gamblers Also as I Giocatori [Italian]

Short story:Title: The Throwaway Age Also as Il partito X [Italian]
Also as Les gaspilleurs [French]

Short story:Title: Relic Also as Il ritorno di T. [Italian]
Also as Tarzan n'est pas mort! [French]

Short story:Title: Compounded Interest Also as Intérêt composé [French]
Also as Samengestelde Interest [Dutch]
Also as Zins und Zinseszins [German]

Short story:Title: The Case of the Disposable Jalopy Also as L'affaire du tacot jetable [French]

Short story:Title: Dog Star Also as L'ère du gladiateur [French]

Short story:Title: Spaceman On a Spree Also as L'ultimo ingaggio [Italian]
Also as Le dernier astronaute [French]
Also as Een Astronaut op Drift [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Hatchetman Also as L'uomo del Presidente [Italian]

Short story:Title: Utopian Also as L'utopista [Italian]
Also as De Utopist [Dutch]

Short story:Title: The Martians And the Coys Also as Le plouc et les martiens [French]

Short story:Title: Prone Also as Le porte-guigne [French]
Also as Rampzucht [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Happy Ending Also as Lieto fine [Italian]

Short story:Title: Burnt Toast Also as Martinis: 12 to 1
Also as Les treize cocktails [French]

Short story:Title: Time of War Also as Menschenjäger [German]
Also as Temps de guerre [French]
Also as Tempo di guerra [Italian]
Also as Retaliation

Short story:Title: Me And Flapjack And the Martians Also as Moi, Flapjack et les martiens [French]
Also as Schlappohr und die Marsianer [German]
Also as Flapjack en Ik en de Marsmannen [Dutch]
Also as Io, Frittella e i Marziani [Italian]

Short story:Title: Farmer Also as Progetto Sahara [Italian]
Also as Les forêts du Sahara [French]

Short story:Title: Russkies Go Home! Also as Russkis go home! [French]

Short story:Title: Earthlings Go Home! Also as Torna a casa, Terrestre! [Italian]
Also as Terrestri, andate a casa! [Italian]

Short story:Title: Dark Interlude Also as Ucciso dagli antenati [Italian]
Also as Sombre intermède [French]
Also as Donker Tussenspel [Dutch]
Also as Dunkles Zwischenspiel [German]
Also as Sombre interlude [French]
Also as Donker Tussenspel [Dutch]
Also as Sötét közjáték [hungarian]
Also as Ucciso dagli antenati [Italian]

Short story:Title: After Some Tomorrow Also as Un certain futur [French]

Short story:Title: Devil To Pay Also as Und Hula-Hoop und Transistorradios und Elektrogitarren [German]

Short story:Title: Six-legged Svengali Also as Vaccinazione [Italian]

Short story:Title: Down the River Also as Verkocht [Dutch]

Short story:Title: What the Vintners Buy (v. 2) Also as Was kaufen die Weinhändler ein? [German]

Short story:Title: Coup
Writing as:
    Guy McCord

Short story:Title: Krishna
Writing as:
    Guy McCord

Short story:Title: Opportunist
Writing as:
    Guy McCord

Short story:Title: LuvverGroup:Luvver

Short story:Title: All the World Loves a LuvverGroup:Luvver
Also as Cher petit animal! [French]

Short story:Title: A Leader For YesteryearGroup:Luvver
Also as Un guerrier d'avenir [French]
Nebula Best Short Story award nomination (1966)

Short story:Title: The Adventure of the Ball of Nostradamus
    August Derlith
Group:Solar Pons

Short story:Title: The Adventure of the Extra-terrestrial
    August Derlith
Group:Solar Pons

Short story:Title: The Adventure of the Nosferatu
    August Derlith
Group:Solar Pons

Short story:Title: The Adventure of the Snitch in Time
    August Derlith
Group:Solar Pons

Short story:Title: The Switcheroo RevisitedGroup:Tarkington Perkins / Switcheroo

Short story:Title: The Switcheroo
    Fredrick Brown
Group:Tarkington Perkins / Switcheroo
Also as Lo scambiatore [Italian]

Short story:Title: FreedomHugo Best Short Fiction award nomination (1962)

Short story:Title: Status Quo Hugo Best Short Fiction award nomination (1962)

Short story:Title: Advice From Tomorrow 
Short story:Title: All Things To All... 
Short story:Title: Alternate Universe 
Short story:Title: Alternatives, Inc. 
Short story:Title: Among the Bad Baboons 
Short story:Title: Ask Me No Questions! 
Short story:Title: Buck And the Gents From Space 
Short story:Title: Buck And the Space War 
Short story:Title: By the Same Door 
Short story:Title: Case Rests 
Short story:Title: Chowhound 
Short story:Title: City's End 
Short story:Title: Closer Encounter 
Short story:Title: Combat 
Short story:Title: The Common Man
Writing as:
    Guy McCord
Short story:Title: Compleated Angler 
Short story:Title: The Cosmic Bluff 
Short story:Title: Desperate Remedy 
Short story:Title: The Devil Finds Work 
Short story:Title: The Discord Makers 
Short story:Title: Displaced Person 
Short story:Title: Doctor's Orders 
Short story:Title: Dogfight 
Short story:Title: D. P. From Tomorrow 
Short story:Title: A Dream ... Dying 
Short story:Title: The Enemy Within 
Short story:Title: Escape Velocity 
Short story:Title: Fair Exchange 
Short story:Title: Fido 
Short story:Title: Final Appraisal 
Short story:Title: Four-legged Hotfoot 
Short story:Title: The Galactic Ghost 
Short story:Title: Give the Devil His Due
Writing as:
    Dallas Ross
Short story:Title: Gladiator 
Short story:Title: Golden Rule 
Short story:Title: Good Indian 
Short story:Title: The Good Seed
Writing as:
    Mark Mallory
Short story:Title: Halftripper 
Short story:Title: A Halo For Horace 
Short story:Title: He Knew All the Answers
Writing as:
    Dallas Ross
Short story:Title: Hell's Fire
    Gary Jennings
Short story:Title: He Took It With Him
Writing as:
    Clark Collins
Short story:Title: How Green Was My Martian 
Short story:Title: How We Banned the Bombs 
Short story:Title: The Hunted Ones 
Short story:Title: I'm a Stranger Here Myself 
Short story:Title: I'm a Stranger, Myself
Writing as:
    Dallas Ross
Short story:Title: Idealist 
Short story:Title: I. Q. 
Short story:Title: Isolationist 
Short story:Title: Last of a Noble Breed 
Short story:Title: Last Warning 
Short story:Title: Long Beer - Short Horn 
Short story:Title: The Long Way Home 
Short story:Title: Love Conquers All 
Short story:Title: The Man in the Moon 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Stole His Body
Writing as:
    Mark Mallory
Short story:Title: Medal of Honor 
Short story:Title: Meddler's World
    Theodore R. Cogswell
Short story:Title: Meddler's World
    Mack Reynolds
Short story:Title: Mercy Flight 
Short story:Title: Nostradamus
Writing as:
    Clark Collins
Short story:Title: Not in the Rules 
Short story:Title: Obedience Guaranteed 
Short story:Title: Off Course 
Short story:Title: Of Pot And Potter 
Short story:Title: One of Our Planets Is Missing! 
Short story:Title: Operation Triplan 
Short story:Title: Optical Illusion 
Short story:Title: Overtime 
Short story:Title: Paradox Gained 
Short story:Title: Photojournalist 
Short story:Title: Pieces of the Game 
Short story:Title: Please To Remember 
Short story:Title: Ponce De Leon's Pants 
Short story:Title: Posted
Writing as:
    Mark Mallory
Short story:Title: Potential Enemy 
Short story:Title: Precognition 
Short story:Title: Radical Center 
Short story:Title: Revolution 
Short story:Title: Second Advent 
Short story:Title: Second Advent 
Short story:Title: Sin Planet 
Short story:Title: Slow Djinn 
Short story:Title: Space Gamble 
Short story:Title: The Spark 
Short story:Title: Spooky 
Short story:Title: Stowaway 
Short story:Title: Summit 
Short story:Title: Survival, A.d. 2000 
Short story:Title: Tall Tale 
Short story:Title: Toro! 
Short story:Title: Tourists To Terra 
Short story:Title: The Triangulated Izaak Walton 
Short story:Title: Troubador 
Short story:Title: The Truth And the Image
Writing as:
    Mark Mallory
Short story:Title: Ultimate Answer
Writing as:
    Dallas Ross
Short story:Title: Unborn Tomorrow 
Short story:Title: The Union Forever 
Short story:Title: United We Stand 
Short story:Title: Visitor 
Short story:Title: What the Vintners Buy (V. 1) 
Short story:Title: With This Ring...
Writing as:
    Dallas Ross
Short story:Title: The Word From the Void 
Short story:Title: You Might Say Virginia Dared!
Writing as:
    Dallas Ross
Short story:Title: Your Soul Comes C.o.d. 
Short story:Title: A Zloor For Your Trouble 
Nonfiction:Title: The Expatriates 
Nonfiction:Title: How To Retire Without Money
Writing as:
    Bob Belmont
Chapbook:Title: Welten Im Aufruhr [German]
Chapbook:Title: Adaptation 
Chapbook:Title: Combat 
Chapbook:Title: The Common Man 
Chapbook:Title: Dogfight 
Chapbook:Title: Expediter 
Chapbook:Title: Freedom 
Chapbook:Title: Gun For Hire 
Chapbook:Title: Happy Ending
    Fredrick Brown
Chapbook:Title: I'm a Stranger Here Myself 
Chapbook:Title: Medal of Honor 
Chapbook:Title: Mercenary 
Chapbook:Title: Off Course 
Chapbook:Title: Potential Enemy 
Chapbook:Title: Revolution 
Chapbook:Title: Status Quo 
Chapbook:Title: Subversive 
Chapbook:Title: Summit 
Chapbook:Title: Ultima Thule 
Chapbook:Title: Unborn Tomorrow 
Collection:Title: Een Astronaut Op Drift [Dutch]
Collection:Title: 5 Science Fiction Stories 
Collection:Title: Anthology of Sci-fi V12: the Pulp Writers: Mack Renolds 
Collection:Title: The Best of Mack Reynolds 
Collection:Title: Compounded Interests 
Collection:Title: Happy Ending
    Fredrick Brown
Collection:Title: The Mack Reynolds Megapack: 23 Classic Science Fiction Stories 
Collection:Title: Mack Reynolds, Part One 
Collection:Title: Nine Tomorrows: Science Fiction Stories From the Golden Age 
Poetry:Title: Three Unanswerable Questions 
Essay:Title: Comment On Retaliation 
Essay:Title: Contributors.. 
Essay:Title: Introducing the Author: Mack Reynolds 
Essay:Title: A Last Letter To Fredric Brown 
Essay:Title: Preface (science-fiction Carnival) 
Essay:Title: Replies
    Poul Anderson
    Ray Bradbury
Essay:Title: Science Fiction And Political Economy 
Essay:Title: Science Fiction And Socioeconomics 
Essay:Title: Science Fiction & Socio-economics 
Essay:Title: Travel: the Low Cost of Sin 
Essay:Title: What Do You Mean - Marxism? 
Letter:Title: Science Fiction Review #47 
Foreword:Title: The Best of Mack Reynolds 
Foreword:Title: Compounded Interests 
Foreword:Title: Equality: in the Year 2000 
Foreword:Title: Introduction (black Sheep Astray) 
Afterword:Title: The Utopian Dream Revisited 

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