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Novel:Title: The Gods Hate KansasAlso as Gli dei odiano il Kansas [Italian]

Short story:Title: The Glory of U.s.l.
Writing as:
    N. J. Westwood
Short story:Title: Lone Wolf of Space
    A. R. Steber
Short story:Title: Aimless Asteroid
Writing as:
    N. J. Westwood
Short story:Title: The Conquest of Venus 
Short story:Title: Crash On Viar 
Short story:Title: The Crystal Invaders 
Short story:Title: The Earthquake Girl 
Short story:Title: The Earth-saver 
Short story:Title: Minnie of Mars
Writing as:
    N. J. Westwood
Short story:Title: Mister John Doe, Earthman 
Short story:Title: Thunder To Venus 
Essay:Title: Amazing Prophecies 
Essay:Title: Bomb Sight of the Gods 
Essay:Title: Earth's Amazing Atmosphere 
Essay:Title: The Fate of the Mammoth 
Essay:Title: Meet the Authors: Joseph J. Millard 
Essay:Title: Mystery of Life 
Essay:Title: Mystery of the Matto Grosso 
Essay:Title: The Mystery of the Moon 
Essay:Title: Our Lord, the Sun 
Essay:Title: Paganini - Man Or Devil? 
Essay:Title: Plants That Think 
Essay:Title: The Prophecies of Gizeh 
Essay:Title: The Pyramid of Gizeh 
Essay:Title: Scientific Mysteries: Vanished Civilizations 
Essay:Title: The Sea Serpent 
Essay:Title: The Story Behind the Story
Writing as:
    N. J. Westwood
    Manly Wade Wellman
    Kelvin Kent
Essay:Title: Unknown Animals 

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