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Short story:Title: MiveAlso as Ailes d'ébène [French]

Short story:Title: The Face in the WindAlso as Celaeno [French]
Also as Le visage dans le vent [French]

Short story:Title: The Unpleasantness At Carver HouseAlso as Ce qui se passa à Carver House [French]

Short story:Title: The La Prello PaperAlso as De Theorie van La Prello [Dutch]

Short story:Title: The Spanish CameraAlso as L'appareil photographique [French]

Short story:Title: The AquariumAlso as L'aquarium [French]
Also as L'acquario [Italian]

Short story:Title: The CaneAlso as La canne [French]

Short story:Title: The Lorenzo WatchAlso as La montre [French]

Short story:Title: The Corbie DoorAlso as La porte des corbeaux [French]
Also as La porte aux corbeaux [French]

Short story:Title: Chameleon TownAlso as La ville caméléon [French]

Short story:Title: The KiteAlso as Le cerf-volant [French]

Short story:Title: The CocomacaqueAlso as Le cocomacaque [French]

Short story:Title: The Tomb From BeyondAlso as Le mausolée [French]
Also as Het Mausoleum van Dras [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Portrait in MoonlightAlso as Le portrait au clair de lune [French]

Short story:Title: The Digging At Pistol KeyAlso as Le trésor du pirate [French]

Short story:Title: Matthew South And CompanyAlso as Matthew South & Cie [French]

Short story:Title: Revelations in BlackAlso as Révélations en noir [French]
Also as De Zwarte Onthulling [Dutch]
Also as Rivelazioni in nero [Italian]

Short story:Title: The PitAlso as The Chadwick Pit

Short story:Title: The Haunted RingAlso as The Coach on the Ring
Also as Le camée [French]

Short story:Title: Writing On the WallAlso as The Cosmic Doodler

Short story:Title: The King And the KnaveAlso as The Devil Deals

Short story:Title: The Phantom PistolAlso as The Spectral Pistol
Also as Le pistolet fantôme [French]
Also as La pistola d'argento [Italian]

Short story:Title: The Lost StreetAlso as The Street That Wasn't There

Short story:Title: The Dangerous ScarecrowAlso as Witches in the Cornfield
Also as Meurtre dans le champ du maïs [French]

Short story:Title: Coffin CragGroup:Stephen Benedict

Short story:Title: Satan's RoadhouseGroup:Stephen Benedict

Short story:Title: Assignment On Venus 
Short story:Title: The Black Garden 
Short story:Title: Black Passage 
Short story:Title: Blood Over the Footlights 
Short story:Title: Bride of the Tree Man 
Short story:Title: The Brothers Dalfey 
Short story:Title: Canal 
Short story:Title: Carnaby's Fish 
Short story:Title: Cosmic Castaway 
Short story:Title: Cosmic Teletype 
Short story:Title: Crocodile 
Short story:Title: The Dark Slayer 
Short story:Title: Dead Man's River 
Short story:Title: Death's Outpost 
Short story:Title: Death On Tin Can 
Short story:Title: Death Rides the Plateau 
Short story:Title: Deceit Post 
Short story:Title: Doctor Universe 
Short story:Title: Double Trouble 
Short story:Title: Dyak Reward 
Short story:Title: East of Samarinda 
Short story:Title: The Elcar Special 
Short story:Title: Enter the Nebula 
Short story:Title: Eternity When? 
Short story:Title: Exit Mr. Smith 
Short story:Title: A Film in the Bush 
Short story:Title: Forsaken Voyage 
Short story:Title: The Gentleman Is An Epwa 
Short story:Title: Gentlemen, the Scavengers 
Short story:Title: Ghoul Game 
Short story:Title: Hall of the Devil-flag 
Short story:Title: Hamadryad 
Short story:Title: Hamadryad 
Short story:Title: The Hand of Every 
Short story:Title: Head in His Hands 
Short story:Title: Heliograph 
Short story:Title: He Looked Back 
Short story:Title: The Historian 
Short story:Title: Holt Sails the "san Hing" 
Short story:Title: I Model My Soul 
Short story:Title: Incident At the Galloping Horse 
Short story:Title: The Jade Scarlotti 
Short story:Title: Josephine Gage 
Short story:Title: Jungle Wires 
Short story:Title: Kincaid's Car 
Short story:Title: The Last Drive 
Short story:Title: Leopard's Tracks 
Short story:Title: Letter of Dismissal 
Short story:Title: Light in the Jungle 
Short story:Title: Lodana 
Short story:Title: The Long Voyage 
Short story:Title: Made in Tanganyika 
Short story:Title: The Man From Makassar 
Short story:Title: Manuscript For the Damned 
Short story:Title: The Martian Calendar 
Short story:Title: Monorail To Eternity 
Short story:Title: The Monument 
Short story:Title: Moss Island 
Short story:Title: Mr. Iper of Hamilton 
Short story:Title: The Music Lover 
Short story:Title: The Nebula And the Necklace 
Short story:Title: Offspring 
Short story:Title: A Pair of Swords 
Short story:Title: Pawns of the River-king 
Short story:Title: Phantom Brass 
Short story:Title: The Phantom From 512 
Short story:Title: The Player At Yellow Silence 
Short story:Title: Prisoners of Vibration 
Short story:Title: Quarry 
Short story:Title: A Quire of Foolscap 
Short story:Title: Rails of the Yellow Skull 
Short story:Title: The Random Quantity 
Short story:Title: Redemption 
Short story:Title: The Return of Fabian Blair 
Short story:Title: Round Robin 
Short story:Title: The Royal Opera House 
Short story:Title: Sagasta's Last 
Short story:Title: The Satanic Piano 
Short story:Title: Sequence 
Short story:Title: The Singleton Barrier 
Short story:Title: Sky Trap 
Short story:Title: Smoke of the Snake 
Short story:Title: Spawn of Blackness 
Short story:Title: Spider Wires 
Short story:Title: Strangers To Straba 
Short story:Title: A Study in Darkness 
Short story:Title: Submarine I-26 
Short story:Title: Sumpitan 
Short story:Title: The Syndicate of the Snake 
Short story:Title: Tepondicon 
Short story:Title: Test Case 
Short story:Title: Tiger Island 
Short story:Title: Trial By Jungle 
Short story:Title: The Tunnel 
Short story:Title: The War of the Weeds 
Short story:Title: The White Pinnacle 
Short story:Title: Woman of the Witch-flowers 
Short story:Title: The World in a Box 
Short story:Title: Your Witness, Tuan 
Chapbook:Title: The Long Voyage 
Chapbook:Title: Made in Tanganyika 
Chapbook:Title: The Street That Wasn't There 
Collection:Title: Les écarlates [French]
Collection:Title: Disclosures in Scarlet 
Collection:Title: East of Samarinda 
Collection:Title: Masters of the Weird Tale: Carl Jacobi 
Collection:Title: Portraits in Moonlight 
Collection:Title: Revelations in Black 
Collection:Title: Smoke of the Snake 
Collection:Title: The Tomb From Beyond 
Poetry:Title: The Cravin' 

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