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Novel:Title: Dragon's Blood
Writing as:
    Alex McDonough

Novel:Title: Dragon's Claw
Writing as:
    Alex McDonough

Novel:Title: Dragon's Eye
Writing as:
    Alex McDonough

Novel:Title: Scorpio
Writing as:
    Alex McDonough

Novel:Title: Scorpio Descending
Writing as:
    Alex McDonough

Novel:Title: Scorpio Rising
Writing as:
    Alex McDonough

Short story:Title: The Dragon Business
    Kevin J. Anderson
Short story:Title: Gate of the DamnedAlso as Il cancello dei dannati [Italian]

Short story:Title: Demon And DemoiselleAlso as La demoiselle et le démon [French]

Short story:Title: Morrien's BitchAlso as Morriens Mormel [Dutch]

Short story:Title: Screaming To Get OutAlso as Une terrible envie de sortir [French]
Also as Ich muß schreien, ich muß raus [German]

Short story:Title: How Jaquerel Fell Prey To AnkarrahGroup:Jaquerel

Short story:Title: How Jaquerel Learned To Let Sleeping Gods LieGroup:Jaquerel

Short story:Title: How Jaquerel Made War in Bel AzhurraGroup:Jaquerel

Short story:Title: How Jaquerel Was Slain By the God BrannGroup:Jaquerel

Short story:Title: When Jaquerel Walked With ShadowsGroup:Jaquerel

Short story:Title: Alliances 
Short story:Title: Answer Came There None 
Short story:Title: Bedtime Story 
Short story:Title: The Bloodfruit 
Short story:Title: The Bug Boy 
Short story:Title: Christobel 
Short story:Title: Cille's World 
Short story:Title: Clown Black 
Short story:Title: Cradle Robbers 
Short story:Title: Dream Journey 
Short story:Title: Eyes of the Laemi 
Short story:Title: Father Figure 
Short story:Title: Garage Sale 
Short story:Title: Getting Miss Grisley 
Short story:Title: The Ghost-winder 
Short story:Title: Heirloom 
Short story:Title: Hey Mom 
Short story:Title: Immortality And Mrs. Mundy 
Short story:Title: In the Kingdom of the Thorn 
Short story:Title: Intimately, With Rain 
Short story:Title: The Kirkhall Legacy 
Short story:Title: Late Bloomer 
Short story:Title: The Lord Loved Little People 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Loved the Wizard's Son 
Short story:Title: Materialist 
Short story:Title: The Miraculous God Machine 
Short story:Title: Mirror Trick 
Short story:Title: Moment of Silence 
Short story:Title: The Name Unspeakable in Tel Urath 
Short story:Title: The Saturday Morning Horrors 
Short story:Title: Say It With Spiders 
Short story:Title: The Servitor 
Short story:Title: She-bear 
Short story:Title: The Skins You Love To Touch 
Short story:Title: Small Magic 
Short story:Title: The Song the Brahmin Sings 
Short story:Title: Strands 
Short story:Title: Surrogate 
Short story:Title: Taking Care of Bertie 
Short story:Title: To a Crow, All Crows Are White 
Short story:Title: Too Late For Eternity 
Short story:Title: The Umbrella 
Short story:Title: The Unicorn Girl 
Short story:Title: Valentine 
Short story:Title: We're All So Normal Here 
Short story:Title: Witches 
Short story:Title: A Witch in Time 
Short story:Title: The Woman Who Went Home 
Collection:Title: Not in Kansas 
Collection:Title: A Witch's Dozen 
Poetry:Title: (____) 
Poetry:Title: All the Black Crayons 
Poetry:Title: The Babysitter 
Poetry:Title: Bag Lady's Ghost 
Poetry:Title: Cthulhu of the Webbed Cross 
Poetry:Title: Death 
Poetry:Title: A Goblet 
Poetry:Title: Haiku 
Poetry:Title: Hard Knight's Work 
Poetry:Title: Humanchange 
Poetry:Title: Innsmouth Update 
Poetry:Title: Insinuating Hell 
Poetry:Title: In the First Month of Becoming 
Poetry:Title: In the Mask Shop 
Poetry:Title: Legions of Grotesques 
Poetry:Title: Like An Old Wizard... 
Poetry:Title: Lillith 
Poetry:Title: Moldworld 
Poetry:Title: Nocturnal 
Poetry:Title: O Slapstick Buddha 
Poetry:Title: Pterodactyls 
Poetry:Title: She Who Chooses 
Poetry:Title: Some Kind of Monster 
Poetry:Title: Telepathy 
Poetry:Title: That Maniac Upstairs 
Poetry:Title: Time As a Closet 
Poetry:Title: The Time Barrier 
Poetry:Title: To Love the Dark 
Poetry:Title: Untitled 
Poetry:Title: Untitled ("the Moon Is a Blood") 
Poetry:Title: Untitled ("the Park Somnolent") 
Poetry:Title: When We Lived in the Cemetery 
Poetry:Title: Willow Woman Walks 
Poetry:Title: The Wrong Kind of Silence 

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