VKA selected works list for H. B. Fyfe

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Novel:Title: Bluff-stained TransactionGroup:Bureau of Slick Tricks

Novel:Title: Bureau of Slick TricksGroup:Bureau of Slick Tricks

Novel:Title: CompromiseGroup:Bureau of Slick Tricks

Novel:Title: Implode And PeddleGroup:Bureau of Slick Tricks

Novel:Title: Special JobberyGroup:Bureau of Slick Tricks

Novel:Title: D-99Group:Bureau of Slick Tricks
Also as D-99 [Spanish]

Short story:Title: The KlyghaAlso as Il Klyga [Italian]

Short story:Title: Protected SpeciesAlso as Le rovine [Italian]
Also as Il pianeta... perfetto [Italian]

Short story:Title: Manners of the AgeAlso as Les coutumes du siècle [French]

Short story:Title: Let There Be LightAlso as Que la luz se haga [Spanish]
Also as Que la lumière soit [French]
Also as Es werde Licht [German]

Short story:Title: MoonwalkAlso as Una marcia [Italian]

Short story:Title: Round-and-round TripAlso as Viaggio nello spazio [Italian]
Also as Le manège sans fin [French]

Short story:Title: Beschermde Soort [Dutch]
Short story:Title: Que La Luz Se Haga [Spanish]
Short story:Title: Afterthought 
Short story:Title: Calling World-4 of Kithgol! 
Short story:Title: The Clutches of Ruin 
Short story:Title: The Compleat Collector 
Short story:Title: Confidence 
Short story:Title: Conformity Expected 
Short story:Title: The Envoy, Her 
Short story:Title: Exile 
Short story:Title: Experimentum Crucis
Writing as:
    Andrew McDuff
Short story:Title: Extra-secret Agent 
Short story:Title: Fast Passage 
Short story:Title: Fee of the Frontier 
Short story:Title: Hold That Comet!
    F. H. Hauser
Short story:Title: In Value Deceived 
Short story:Title: Irresistible Weapon 
Short story:Title: Key Decision 
Short story:Title: Knowledge Is Power 
Short story:Title: Koenigshaufen's Curve 
Short story:Title: Locked Out 
Short story:Title: Luna Escapade 
Short story:Title: The Night of No Moon 
Short story:Title: The Old Shill Game 
Short story:Title: Open Invitation 
Short story:Title: Ransom 
Short story:Title: Romance 
Short story:Title: Satellite System 
Short story:Title: The Shell Dome 
Short story:Title: Sinecure 6 
Short story:Title: Spy Scare 
Short story:Title: Star Chamber 
Short story:Title: Star-linked 
Short story:Title: The Talkative Tree 
Short story:Title: Temporary Keeper 
Short story:Title: Thinking Machine 
Short story:Title: This World Must Die! 
Short story:Title: Time Limit 
Short story:Title: Tolliver's Orbit 
Short story:Title: A Transmutation of Muddles 
Short story:Title: The Wedge 
Short story:Title: Welcome, Strangers! 
Short story:Title: The Well-oiled Machine 
Short story:Title: Yes, Sir! 
Chapbook:Title: The Envoy, Her 
Chapbook:Title: Exile 
Chapbook:Title: Fee of the Frontier 
Chapbook:Title: Flamedown 
Chapbook:Title: Irresistible Weapon 
Chapbook:Title: Let There Be Light 
Chapbook:Title: Luna Escapade 
Chapbook:Title: Manners of the Age 
Chapbook:Title: The Outbreak of Peace 
Chapbook:Title: Satellite System 
Chapbook:Title: The Talkative Tree 
Chapbook:Title: This World Must Die! 
Chapbook:Title: A Transmutation of Muddles 
Chapbook:Title: The Wedge 
Collection:Title: Anthology of Sci-fi V7: the Pulp Writers: Horace Brown Fyfe 
Collection:Title: H. B. Fyfe Resurrected: the Works of Horace Brown Fyfe 

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