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Novel:Title: Gilpin's SpaceAlso as Gilpins Raum [German]

Novel:Title: The Fledermaus ReportGroup:Schimmelhorn

Novel:Title: Little AntonGroup:Schimmelhorn

Novel:Title: Papa Schimmelhorn And the S.o.d.o.m. SerumGroup:Schimmelhorn

Novel:Title: Schimmelhorn's GoldGroup:Schimmelhorn

Novel:Title: The Schimmelhorn File: Memoirs of a Dirty Old GeniusGroup:Schimmelhorn

Novel:Title: Count Von Schimmelhorn And the Time-ponyGroup:Schimmelhorn
Also as Le comte von Schimmelhorn et le poney à franchir le temps [French]

Novel:Title: The Ladies of Beetlegoose NineGroup:Schimmelhorn
Also as Les dames de Bételgeuse Neuf [French]
Also as Le Signore Di Andromeda IX [Italian]

Novel:Title: Papa Schimmelhorn's YangGroup:Schimmelhorn
Also as Papa Schimmelhorns "Yang" [German]

Novel:Title: Nobelist SchimmelhornGroup:Schimmelhorn
Also as Schimmelhorn [French]

Novelette:Title: Deep Song Locus Best Novelette award nomination (1984)

Short story:Title: Bug-getter 
Short story:Title: Vote For Feghoot For a Prosperous Past! 
Short story:Title: These Stones Will Remember Also as Diese Steine werden sich erinnern [German]
Locus Best Novelette award nomination (1982)

Short story:Title: Wedding PresentAlso as Dono Di Nozze [Italian]
Also as Cadeau de mariage [French]

Short story:Title: Sugar PlumAlso as Il pianeta Susanna [Italian]
Also as Drôle de pirate! [French]

Short story:Title: One of the FamilyAlso as L'intruse [French]

Short story:Title: The Proud Foot of the ConquerorAlso as La botte du conquérant [French]

Short story:Title: Ultimate WeaponAlso as La dernière arme [French]

Short story:Title: Maybe Just a Little OneAlso as La fin des haricots! [French]

Short story:Title: CatAlso as Langue de chat [French]

Short story:Title: Aunt's FlightAlso as La Zia Volante [Italian]
Also as Le vol de la tante [French]

Short story:Title: Earthwoman Also as Le femme de la Terre [French]
Nebula Best Short Story award nomination (1968)

Short story:Title: The Past And Its Dead PeopleAlso as Le passé avec ses morts [French]

Short story:Title: It Isn't Love That Makes the World Go 'roundAlso as Nicht die Liebe läßt die Welt sich dreh'n [German]

Short story:Title: Party NightAlso as Nuit de fête [French]

Short story:Title: The Pearcey BoyAlso as Pensione Morton [Italian]

Short story:Title: Gratitude GuaranteedAlso as Reconnaissance garantie [French]

Short story:Title: CryogenesisAlso as Sala D'aspetto [Italian]
Also as Kryogenese [German]

Short story:Title: The Man On TopAlso as Salendo [Italian]
Also as Naar de Top [Dutch]
Also as L'uomo Sulla Vetta [Italian]

Short story:Title: The Accident EpidemicAlso as The Beasts That Perish

Short story:Title: Through Time And Space With Ferdinand Feghoot I ... LXXXVI
Writing as:
    Grendel Briarton
Group:Ferdinand Feghoot
Group:Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot
Note 1:
This entry covers 86 distinct short stories, titled similarly other than the roman numeral.

Short story:Title: My Object All SublimeGroup:Gilpin's Space

Short story:Title: The Gnurrs Come From the Voodvork OutGroup:Schimmelhorn
Also as Die Geheimwaffe [German]
Retro Hugo Best Short Story award nomination (2001)

Short story:Title: 007: "it Is Enough, Ivan. Go Home!" 
Short story:Title: Additional Feghoot Puns 
Short story:Title: All the Tea in China 
Short story:Title: The Cheval Glass 
Short story:Title: Croome House 
Short story:Title: Demigod 
Short story:Title: The Doorstop 
Short story:Title: Dr. Birdmouse 
Short story:Title: Dream Along With Me 
Short story:Title: Finale 
Short story:Title: The Frog He Would A-wooing Go 
Short story:Title: Fungo the Unrighteous 
Short story:Title: The Gadge System 
Short story:Title: Genius of the Species 
Short story:Title: The Haunting of H.m.s. Dryad 
Short story:Title: High Man, Low Man 
Short story:Title: How Sweet, How Silently She Sleeps 
Short story:Title: The Jennerization of H. Truman Buster 
Short story:Title: The Loneliest Unicorn 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Wrote Shakespeare
Writing as:
    E. Bertrand Loring
Short story:Title: Markham 
Short story:Title: Mating Season 
Short story:Title: Mrs. Pigafetta Swims Well 
Short story:Title: Mrs. Poppledore's Id 
Short story:Title: The Murderers' Circle 
Short story:Title: The New Reality 
Short story:Title: No Other Gods 
Short story:Title: Of Kinks And Frocks 
Short story:Title: Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh And All 
Short story:Title: Paper Tiger 
Short story:Title: Rokuro-kubi 
Short story:Title: The Soul of the Oisuta 
Short story:Title: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 
Short story:Title: The Taste of Blood 
Short story:Title: There's Magic in Shakespeare 
Short story:Title: Thirst Contact 
Short story:Title: To a Different Drum 
Short story:Title: Unknown Things 
Short story:Title: Without (general) Issue 
Short story:Title: You Have To Know the Tune 
Nonfiction:Title: Modern Science Fiction: Its Meaning And Its Future Retro Hugo Best Related Book award nomination (2004)

Nonfiction:Title: The Craft of Science Fiction 
Nonfiction:Title: Decisive Warfare: a Study in Military Theory 
Nonfiction:Title: Of Force And Violence And Other Imponderables: Essays On War, Politics, And Government 
Nonfiction:Title: Science Fiction, Today And Tomorrow: a Discursive Symposium 
Chapbook:Title: Sugar Plum 
Chapbook:Title: Vote For Feghoot For a Prosperous Past! 
Collection:Title: The Collected Feghoot
Writing as:
    Grendel Briarton
Group:Ferdinand Feghoot

Collection:Title: The Compleat Feghoot: the Many Lives And Greatest Exploits of History's Punniest Space-time Traveller
Writing as:
    Grendel Briarton
Group:Ferdinand Feghoot

Collection:Title: The (even More) Compleat Feghoot: the Many Lives And Greatest Exploits of History's Punniest Space-time Traveller
Writing as:
    Grendel Briarton
Group:Ferdinand Feghoot

Collection:Title: Through Time And Space With Ferdinand Feghoot: the First Forty-five Feghoot Adventures With Five More Never Previously Heard From
Writing as:
    Grendel Briarton
Group:Ferdinand Feghoot

Collection:Title: The Timeless Tales of Reginald Bretnor 
Poetry:Title: An Extrusion of Lions
Writing as:
    Bertrand Gironel
Poetry:Title: Sf Limerick 

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