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Novel:Title: Blind Voices Balrog Best Novel Award (1979)
Hugo Best Novel award nomination (1979)
BSFA Best Novel award nomination (1979)
Locus Best SF Novel award nomination (1979)
Nebula Best SF Novel award nomination (1979)

Novella:Title: Insects in Amber Locus Best Novella award nomination (1979)

Novelette:Title: San Diego Lightfoot Sue Nebula Best Novelette Award (1976)
Hugo Best Novelette award nomination (1976)
Locus Best Novelette award nomination (1976)

Novelette:Title: Twilla Nebula Best Novelette award nomination (1975)

Short story:Title: Blind Voices(exerpt)
Short story:Title: The Detweiler Boy Locus best Short Fiction award nomination (1978)

Short story:Title: 2076: Blue Eyes 
Short story:Title: Beyond the Cleft 
Short story:Title: Dinosaurs 
Short story:Title: M Is For the Million Things 
Short story:Title: The Mistress of Windraven 
Short story:Title: Potiphee, Petey and Me 
Short story:Title: Poul Anderson's The Broken Sword 
Short story:Title: Sting! 
Short story:Title: The Sweetwater Factor 
Short story:Title: Under the Hollywood Sign 
Short story:Title: Waiting for Billy Star 
Short story:Title: Wonder Show 
Short story:Title: The Wondrous Adventures of Grady Goodmonster or My Vacation 
Collection:Title: San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories Balrog Best Collection/Anthology award nomination (1981)
Locus Best Single Author Collection award nomination (1981)

Essay:Title: Everything is Shit and There's Nothing We Can Do About It!subtitle: Thoughts on the Star Wars Phenomenon
Essay:Title: The 27th Day 
Essay:Title: Blarings I 
Essay:Title: Blarings II 
Essay:Title: Cobra Woman 
Essay:Title: Dr. Cyclops 
Essay:Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Essay:Title: Editorial and Other Petentions III 
Essay:Title: Editorial and Other Petentions IV 
Essay:Title: Editorial and Other Petentions VI 
Essay:Title: Editorial and Other Petentions x2
    Alex Eisenstein
Essay:Title: Editorial and Other Pretensions I 
Essay:Title: Editorial & Other Pretensions x 3
    Alex Eisenstein
    Al Jackson
Essay:Title: The Flying Saucer 
Essay:Title: Forecasts & Augurations I 
Essay:Title: Forecasts & Augurations II 
Essay:Title: King Kong 
Essay:Title: Letter 
Essay:Title: Lost Continent 
Essay:Title: Moonchild 
Essay:Title: Persiflage I 
Essay:Title: Persiflage II
    Ken Keller
Essay:Title: Red Planet Mars 
Essay:Title: Riders to the Stars 
Essay:Title: The Science Fantasy Film Revisited I 
Essay:Title: The Science Fantasy Film Revisited II 
Essay:Title: The Science Fantasy Film Revisited III 
Essay:Title: The Science Fantasy Film Revisited IV 
Essay:Title: She 
Essay:Title: Tales of Hoffman 
Essay:Title: Tomfoolery: An Editorial I 
Essay:Title: Tomfoolery: An Editorial II 
Essay:Title: The Uninvited 
Essay:Title: Unknown 
Review:Title: Agatha Christie: Has She Lost It? Postern of Fate, a Review 

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