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Novel:Title: Gunner Cade
    C. M. Kornbluth
Also as Der Verräter [German]
Also as Die Rebellion des Schützen Cade [German]
Also as L'Ordine e le Stelle [Italian]
Also as Le fusilier Cade [French]
Also as Kadd, il tiratore [Italian]

Novel:Title: Shadow On the HearthAlso as Dunkle Schatten [German]
Also as Orrore su Manhattan [Italian]

Novel:Title: The Tomorrow PeopleAlso as Gente di domani [Italian]

Novel:Title: Outpost MarsAlso as Sin in Space
Also as Mars Child
Also as Kinder des Mars [German]
Also as L'enfant de Mars [French]
Also as Außenstation Mars [German]
Also as Lago del sole [Italian]

Short story:Title: The LonelyAlso as Das Symbol [German]
Also as Die Einsamen [German]

Short story:Title: Proudly We HailAlso as De Glans van de Dageraad [Dutch]
Also as Per una nuova frontiera [Italian]
Also as Die Auswanderer [German]

Short story:Title: Shrine of TemptationAlso as Der Schrein der Versuchung [German]

Short story:Title: The Lady Was a TrampAlso as Die Lady war ein Tramp [German]
Also as La Signora carretta [Italian]

Short story:Title: That Only a MotherAlso as Et seule une mère... [French]
Also as Le permissionnaire [French]
Also as Seule une mère... [French]
Also as Alleen Een Moeder [Dutch]
Also as Waarvan Alleen een Moeder... [Dutch]
Also as Nur eine Mutter [German]
Also as Solo una madre [Italian]

Short story:Title: Peeping TomAlso as Guardone [Italian]

Short story:Title: In the Land of UnblindAlso as Im Reich der Unblinden [German]

Short story:Title: Dead CenterAlso as L'homme de la Lune [French]
Also as Der tote Punkt [German]

Short story:Title: Wish Upon a StarAlso as Les souhaits aux étoiles [French]
Also as Luftschlösser [German]

Short story:Title: Survival ShipAlso as Le vaisseau Survie [French]

Short story:Title: Project NursemaidAlso as Metà Luna [Italian]

Short story:Title: Death Cannot WitherAlso as Mort, où est ta victoire? [French]
Also as De Dood Verwelkt Niet [Dutch]

Short story:Title: The Deep Down DragonAlso as Orme Profonde [Italian]
Also as Le dragon des profondeurs [French]

Short story:Title: Whoever You AreAlso as Quienquiera Que Seas [Spanish]
Also as Wer du auch bist [German]

Short story:Title: Daughters of EarthAlso as Töchter der Erde [German]

Short story:Title: A Woman of the WorldAlso as Welt der Zukunft 2. Die Frau [German]

Short story:Title: Barrier of Dread 
Short story:Title: A Big Man With the Girls
    Frederick Pohl
Short story:Title: Connection Completed 
Short story:Title: Death Is the Penalty 
Short story:Title: Exile From Space 
Short story:Title: The Future of Happiness 
Short story:Title: Hero's Way 
Short story:Title: Homecalling 
Short story:Title: I Could Kill You! 
Short story:Title: A Little Knowledge 
Short story:Title: Pioneer Stock 
Short story:Title: Rain Check 
Short story:Title: Stormy Weather 
Short story:Title: Woman's Work Is Never Done! 
Biography:Title: Better To Have Loved: the Life of Judith Merril
    Emily Pohl-Weary
Hugo Best Related Book Award (2003)
Locus Best Non-Fiction award nomination (2003)

Collection:Title: The Best of Judith MerrilAlso as Töchter der Erde [German]

Collection:Title: Daughters of Earth 
Collection:Title: Daughters of Earth And Other Stories 
Collection:Title: Homecalling And Other Stories: the Complete Solo Short SF of Judith Merril 
Collection:Title: Out of Bounds 
Collection:Title: Survival Ship And Other Stories 
Poetry:Title: Auction PitAlso as Heiratsmarkt [German]

Poetry:Title: Author's Notes: Note #2 
Poetry:Title: Vision
Writing as:
    Judy Zissman

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