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Novella:Title: Hollywood North World Fantasy Best Novella award nomination (2015)

Short story:Title: A Bite To Eat in Abbotsford 
Short story:Title: Christmas in the Catskills 
Short story:Title: Draft 31 
Short story:Title: The Fourth Kiss 
Short story:Title: The Gospel of Nate 
Short story:Title: If You've Ever Been a Lady 
Short story:Title: Mosquito League 
Short story:Title: My Father's Club 
Short story:Title: Pheromitey Glad 
Short story:Title: The Pliable Child 
Short story:Title: Puce Boy 
Short story:Title: Sitters 
Short story:Title: Timmy Gobel's Bug Jar 
Short story:Title: Why That Crazy Old Lady Goes Up the Mountain 

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