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Novel:Title: The Book of the People Also as Pilgrimage
Hugo Best Novel award nomination (1962)
Hugo Best Dramatic Presentation award nomination (1973)

Novelette:Title: Captivity Hugo Best Novelette award nomination

Novelette:Title: Tell Us a Story Locus Best Novelette award nomination (1981)

Short story:Title: Stevie and the DarkAlso as The Dark Came Out to Play

Short story:Title: Return Hugo Best Short Fiction award nomination (1962)

Short story:Title: Ad Astra 
Short story:Title: And a Little Child 
Short story:Title: Angels Unawares 
Short story:Title: The Anything Box 
Short story:Title: Ararat 
Short story:Title: As Simple as That 
Short story:Title: Before the Fact 
Short story:Title: The Believing Child 
Short story:Title: Boona on Scancia 
Short story:Title: The Closest School 
Short story:Title: Come On, Wagon! 
Short story:Title: Crowning Glory 
Short story:Title: Deluge 
Short story:Title: The Effectives 
Short story:Title: The First Stroke 
Short story:Title: Food to All Flesh 
Short story:Title: Gilead 
Short story:Title: The Grunder 
Short story:Title: Hush! 
Short story:Title: Incident After 
Short story:Title: The Indelible Kind 
Short story:Title: J-Line to Nowhere 
Short story:Title: Jordan 
Short story:Title: Katie-Mary's Trip 
Short story:Title: The Last Step 
Short story:Title: Loo Ree 
Short story:Title: Love Every Third Stir 
Short story:Title: Michal Without 
Short story:Title: No Different Flesh 
Short story:Title: ...Old...As a Garment 
Short story:Title: One of Them 
Short story:Title: Pottage 
Short story:Title: Shadow on the Moon 
Short story:Title: Sharing Time 
Short story:Title: Something Bright 
Short story:Title: Subcommittee 
Short story:Title: The Substitute 
Short story:Title: Swept and Garnished 
Short story:Title: The Taste of Aunt Sophronia 
Short story:Title: That Boy 
Short story:Title: There Was a Garden 
Short story:Title: Things 
Short story:Title: Three-Cornered and Secure 
Short story:Title: Through a Glass 
Short story:Title: Thrumthing and Out 
Short story:Title: Troubling of the Water 
Short story:Title: Turn the Page 
Short story:Title: Walking Aunt Daid 
Short story:Title: The Walls 
Short story:Title: Wilderness 
Short story:Title: You Know What, Teacher? 
Collection:Title: The Anything Box 
Collection:Title: Holding Wonder 
Collection:Title: The People: No Different Flesh 

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