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Novel:Title: Nightmare Blue
    George Alec Effinger
Novel:Title: Strangers 
Short story:Title: Morning ChildNebula Award

Short story:Title: The PeacemakerNebula Award

Short story:Title: Afternoon at Schrafft's
    Jack Dann
    Michael Swanwick
Short story:Title: Apres Moi 
Short story:Title: A Cat Horror Story 
Short story:Title: Chains of the Sea 
Short story:Title: A Change in the Weather
    Jack Dann
Short story:Title: Community 
Short story:Title: Conditioned Reflex 
Short story:Title: Dinner Party 
Short story:Title: Disciples 
Short story:Title: Down Among the Dead Men
    Jack Dann
Short story:Title: A Dream at Noonday 
Short story:Title: Flash Point 
Short story:Title: Flying 
Short story:Title: The Gods of Mars
    Jack Dann
    Michael Swanwick
Short story:Title: Golden Apples of the Sun 
Short story:Title: Horse of Air 
Short story:Title: In a Crooked Year 
Short story:Title: A Kingdom by the Sea 
Short story:Title: King Harvest 
Short story:Title: A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows 
Short story:Title: The Last Day of July 
Short story:Title: Machines of Loving Grace 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Waved Hello 
Short story:Title: The Mayan Variation 
Short story:Title: One for the Road 
Short story:Title: Passage 
Short story:Title: The Sacrifice 
Short story:Title: Slow Dancing With Jesus
    Jack Dann
Short story:Title: Solace 
Short story:Title: The Sound of Muzak 
Short story:Title: A Special Kind of Morning 
Short story:Title: The Storm 
Short story:Title: Strangers 
Short story:Title: Touring
    Michael Swanwick
    Jack Dann
Short story:Title: A Traveler in an Antique Land 
Short story:Title: The Visible Man 
Short story:Title: Where No Sun Shines 
Short story:Title: Wires 
Collection:Title: Geodesic Dreams: The Best Short Fiction of Gardner Dozois 
Collection:Title: Morning Child and Other Stories 
Collection:Title: Slow Dancing Through Time 
Collection:Title: Strange Days: Fabulous Journeys with Gardner Dozois 
Collection:Title: The Visible Man 

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