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Novel:Title: Dark WingWith Carl West
Novel:Title: Cosmic CheckmateWith Charles V. De Vet
Novel:Title: Second GameWith Charles V. De Vet
Novel:Title: The Man in the Bird Cage 
Novel:Title: Missing Man 
Novella:Title: The DiploidsAlso appeared as: The Diploids — Die, Freak
Novella:Title: The Man Who Staked the StarsWith Charles Dye
Also appeared as by: Katherine MacLean Also appeared as by: Charles Dye
Novella:Title: Web of the NornsWith Harry Harrison
Novella:Title: Web of the WorldsWith Harry Harrison
Novella:Title: The Missing Man 
Novelette:Title: Fear HoundAlso appeared as: Rescue Squad
Novelette:Title: Second GameWith Charles V. De Vet
Novelette:Title: Trouble with TreatiesWith Tom Condit
Novelette:Title: Contagion 
Novelette:Title: Incommunicado 
Novelette:Title: The Kidnapping of Baroness 5 
Novelette:Title: Rescue Squad for Ahmed 
Novelette:Title: The Trouble with You Earth People 
Novelette:Title: Unhuman Sacrifice 
Short story:Title: And Be MerryAlso appeared as: The Pyramid in the Desert, And Be Merry
Short story:Title: Syndrome JohnnyAlso as: by Charles Dye
Short story:Title: The CarnivoreAlso as: by G. A. Morris
Short story:Title: Collision OrbitAlso as: by K. Maclean
Short story:Title: Isaac My SonWith Carl West
Short story:Title: A Fable of the SholvisWith Charles Dye
Also as: by Charles Dye and Katherine MacLean Dye
Short story:Title: Six Scenes in Search of an IllustrationWith L. Sprague de Camp, Dick Eney, Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock, and John Pocsik
Short story:Title: Chicken SoupWith Mary Kornbluth
Short story:Title: The PrizeWith Michael Porjes
Short story:Title: Brain Wipe 
Short story:Title: Canary Bird 
Short story:Title: Communicado 
Short story:Title: Defense Mechanism 
Short story:Title: Echo 
Short story:Title: Feedback 
Short story:Title: The Fittest 
Short story:Title: The Gambling Hell and the Sinful Girl 
Short story:Title: Games 
Short story:Title: Gimmick 
Short story:Title: High Flight 
Short story:Title: Interbalance 
Short story:Title: Kiss Me 
Short story:Title: The Natives 
Short story:Title: Night-Rise 
Short story:Title: The Olmec Football Player 
Short story:Title: The Origin of the Species 
Short story:Title: The Other 
Short story:Title: Perchance to Dream 
Short story:Title: Pictures Don't Lie 
Short story:Title: Planet Virt 
Short story:Title: Small War 
Short story:Title: The Snowball Effect 
Short story:Title: These Truths 
Short story:Title: Where or When? 
Collection:Title: The Diploids 
Collection:Title: The Trouble with You Earth People 

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