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Novel:Title: A Deadly Kind of Love
Novel:Title: Lola Dances
Novel:Title: The Why Not
Novel:Title: Blow the Man Downas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: Color Him Gayas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: The Gay Dogsas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: Gothic Gayas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: Holiday Gayas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: The Man from C.A.M.P.as Don Holliday
Novel:Title: Rally Round the Fagas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: The Son Goes Downas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: Stranger at the Dooras Don Holliday
Novel:Title: Three on a Broomstickas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: The Watercress Fileas Don Holliday
Novel:Title: A Westward Loveas Elizabeth Monterey
Novel:Title: The Bishop's Palaceas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Blood Moonas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Blood Rubyas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Darkwateras Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Devil's Danceas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Girl Who Never Wasas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Glass Houseas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Glass Paintingas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Green WIllowsas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Haunting of Helen Wrenas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: House at Rose Pointas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: House of Foolsas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Lion's Gateas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Moon Gardenas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Second House: A Novel of Terroras Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Shadowsas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: White Jadeas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: The Wolves of Craywoodas Jan Alexander
Novel:Title: Man Into Boyas Jay Vickery
Novel:Title: Brandon's Boyas Jay Vickery
also published as The Greek Boy
Novel:Title: The Moonsong Chroniclesas Jessica Stuart
Novel:Title: Gay Treasonas J. X. Williams
Novel:Title: Good-bye My Loveras J. X. Williams
Novel:Title: The Sword and the Roseas Victor Banis
Novel:Title: The Affairs of Gloriaas Victor Jay
Novel:Title: Homo Farmas Victor Jay
also published as Kenny's Back by Victor J. Banis
Novel:Title: The Gay Hauntas Victor Jay
also titled The Other Traveller
also published as Traveller's Companion by Victor J. Banis
Novel:Title: The Astral: Till the Day I Dieas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: Avalonas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: The Devil's Danceas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: The Earth and All It Holdsas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: San Antoneas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: This Splendid Earthas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: The Wolves of Craywoodas V. J. Banis
Novel:Title: Come This Wayedited by Lori L. Lake, with a foreword by Drewey Wayne Gunn
Novel:Title: Life and Other Passing Momentsedited by Robert Reginald
Novel:Title: That Man from C.A.M.P.: Rebel Without a Pauseedited with an introduction and an interview by Fabio Cleto
Novel:Title: Friar Peck and His Taleoriginally published anonymously
Novel:Title: Longhornswith a foreword by Michael Bronski
Novel:Title: Tales from Camp: Jackie's Backwith an interview and checklist by Drewey Wayne Gunn
Novel:Title: Drag Thing 
Novel:Title: The Pussycat Man 
Short story:Title: Broken Record 
Poem:Title: David Victorious 
Nonfiction:Title: Sex and the Single Gayas Don Holliday
Nonfiction:Title: Spine Intact, Some Creases: Rememberances of a Paperback Writeredited with an introduction by Fabio Cleto

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