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Novel:Title: The Alley 
Novel:Title: Bencher 
Novel:Title: Fog 
Novel:Title: A Hearing Aid for Carmody 
Novel:Title: Jigsaw Puzzle 
Novel:Title: Kill in Haste 
Novel:Title: Lesson for a Pro 
Novel:Title: Ten Dollars$ a Week 
Short story:Title: Alligators Don't Ask for Payment 
Short story:Title: Bencher 
Short story:Title: The Big Old Melon 
Short story:Title: Body by the Creek 
Short story:Title: The Broken Pipe 
Short story:Title: Coley 
Short story:Title: The Crossbow Incident 
Short story:Title: The Day of the Flower Lady 
Short story:Title: Dead End 
Short story:Title: Death of an Englishman 
Short story:Title: Death Rattle 
Short story:Title: Death Sentence 
Short story:Title: The Desperate Theft 
Short story:Title: Filed Under Deceased 
Short story:Title: Final Curtain 
Short story:Title: Fog 
Short story:Title: Food for the Tiger 
Short story:Title: Funeral in a Small Town 
Short story:Title: Good Riddance 
Short story:Title: Hard-Boiled Eggs 
Short story:Title: A Hearing Aid for Carmody 
Short story:Title: If a Body 
Short story:Title: Kill in Haste 
Short story:Title: Lesson for a Pro 
Short story:Title: A Little Time Off 
Short story:Title: A Little Time Off 
Short story:Title: A Long Walk Home 
Short story:Title: The Loose End 
Short story:Title: A Matter of Perspective 
Short story:Title: Morgan's Cat 
Short story:Title: Never Anything Good in the Mail 
Short story:Title: One Body Too Many 
Short story:Title: Return to the Penthouse 
Short story:Title: The Search for Olga Bateau 
Short story:Title: Shadows on Glass 
Short story:Title: The Shield 
Short story:Title: The Shoe Freak 
Short story:Title: A Small Death 
Short story:Title: A Small Down Payment 
Short story:Title: Thousand Dollar Question 
Short story:Title: To a Giver of Gifts 
Short story:Title: To Kill a Ghost 
Short story:Title: Variations on a Theme 
Short story:Title: A Very Cold Morning 
Short story:Title: The Vindication of Pharo Grindle 
Short story:Title: The Web 
Short story:Title: Weekend Retreat 
Short story:Title: Favor 

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