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Novel:Title: Body for Sale 
Novel:Title: The Careful Man 
Novel:Title: Edge of the Law 
Novel:Title: Fall Girl 
Novel:Title: The Game of Murder 
Novel:Title: Hit and Run 
Novel:Title: Kiss and Kill 
Novel:Title: She'll Hate Me Tomorrow 
Novel:Title: Hell Streetas by Max Franklin
Novel:Title: Justice Has No Swordas by Max Franklin
Novel:Title: Big Shots Die YoungManville Moon series
Novel:Title: Five O'Clock ShroudManville Moon series
Novel:Title: The Gallows in My GardenManville Moon series
Novel:Title: The Juarez KnifeManville Moon series
Novel:Title: Juvenile DelinquentManville Moon series
Novel:Title: The Man Who Chose the DevilManville Moon series
Novel:Title: No Pockets in a ShroudManville Moon series
Novel:Title: Pay Up or DieManville Moon series
Novel:Title: A Shot in the ArmManville Moon series
Novel:Title: Tweak the Devil's NoseManville Moon series
aka hand-Picked to Die
Novel:Title: Give the Girl a GunManville Moon series
aka Whistle Past the Graveyard
Novelette:Title: Cheers 
Novelette:Title: The Common Factor 
Novelette:Title: Number One Suspect 
Novelette:Title: The Skim 
Short story:Title: The Afterlife of Reilly 
Short story:Title: An Element of Risk 
Short story:Title: The Art of Deduction 
Short story:Title: The Better Bargian 
Short story:Title: Blackout 
Short story:Title: The Clock is Cuckoo 
Short story:Title: Comeback Performance 
Short story:Title: Escape Route 
Short story:Title: The Evils of Drink 
Short story:Title: False Alarm 
Short story:Title: Gentle Bluebeard 
Short story:Title: Girl Must Be Practical 
Short story:Title: A Good Friend 
Short story:Title: The Helpful Haunt 
Short story:Title: The Hitchhiker 
Short story:Title: Honeymoon Cruise 
Short story:Title: Jailbreak 
Short story:Title: Kill, If You Want Me! 
Short story:Title: Lily Bell 
Short story:Title: A Little Sororicide 
Short story:Title: The Monster Brain 
Short story:Title: Mr. Olem's Secrets 
Short story:Title: Nice Guy 
Short story:Title: A Place to Hide 
Short story:Title: The Price of Fame 
Short story:Title: The Promotion 
Short story:Title: Second Honeymoon 
Short story:Title: The Shape of Things That Came 
Short story:Title: System Player 
Short story:Title: Too Gloomy for Private Pushkin 
Short story:Title: Margin of Erroronly as by Richard Deeming

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