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Short story:Title: Heavy Planetwith Frederick Pohl
Short story:Title: Shawn's Swordwith Frederick Pohl
Short story:Title: Asteroid 
Short story:Title: The Bridge 
Short story:Title: The Direct Line 
Short story:Title: Edward: a New Ballad 
Short story:Title: Flight To Galileo 
Short story:Title: Formula For Galaxy I 
Short story:Title: Formula For Murder 
Short story:Title: Fusion 
Short story:Title: Getting Together 
Short story:Title: Holocaust 
Short story:Title: Last Night Out 
Short story:Title: The Musician 
Short story:Title: Power Plant 
Short story:Title: The Reunion 
Short story:Title: Skylark Vs. Thought 
Nonfiction:Title: Cybernetics: Machines That Make Decisions 
Nonfiction:Title: Discovering the Natural Laws: the Experimental Basis of Physics 
Nonfiction:Title: The Laws of Physics 
Nonfiction:Title: A Physicist's Guide To Skepticism 
Nonfiction:Title: Plasma Physics 
Nonfiction:Title: Recent Events in Relativity 
Nonfiction:Title: The Science Gap: Dispelling the Myths And Understanding the Reality of Science 

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