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Novel:Title: Shock Wave 
Novel:Title: The Lost Millenium1967, also re-published in 1979 as Siva!
Novel:Title: Phoenix Ship 
Novel:Title: Gallagher's Glacier 
Novel:Title: The Probability Corner 
Novel:Title: Phase Two 
Novel:Title: Challenge the Hellmaker1976, also re-published in 2010 as Where I wasn't Going
Novelette:Title: Prologue To An Analogue 
Novelette:Title: Shortstack 
Novelette:Title: There Is a Tidewith R. C. Fitzpatrick
Short story:Title: Gallagher's Glacier 
Short story:Title: I, BEM 
Short story:Title: The Pie-duddle Puddle 
Short story:Title: Poppa Needs Shorts 
Short story:Title: Shortsite 
Short story:Title: M'Lord Is the Shepherd 
Short story:Title: Cows Can't Eat Grass 
Short story:Title: If the Sabot Fits 
Short story:Title: Shorts Wing 
Short story:Title: Antalogia 
Poem:Title: Song of the Space Cadets 

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