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Novel:Title: The Council of Three 
Novel:Title: The Range Riders 
Novel:Title: The Two-gun Man 
Novel:Title: The Coming of the Law 
Novel:Title: The Triangle Cupid 
Novel:Title: The Boss of the Lazy Y 
Novel:Title: The Range Boss 
Novel:Title: The Vengeance of Jefferson Gawne 
Novel:Title: "Firebrand" Trevision 
Novel:Title: The Ranchman 
Novel:Title: The Trail To Yesterday 
Novel:Title: The Trail Horde 
Novel:Title: Beau Rand 
Novel:Title: "Drag" Harlan 
Novel:Title: West! 
Novel:Title: The Way of the Buffalo 
Novel:Title: Channing Comes Through 
Novel:Title: Last Hope Ranch 
Novel:Title: Trailing Back 
Novel:Title: "Slow" Burgess 
Novel:Title: Land of the Free 
Novel:Title: Brass Commandments 
Novel:Title: The Gentleman From Virginia 
Novel:Title: The Mesa 
Novel:Title: Mystery Range 
Novel:Title: The Valley of the Stars 
Novel:Title: The Raider 
Novel:Title: The Red Brand 
Novel:Title: Gone North 
Novel:Title: A Son of Arizona 
Novel:Title: Double Cross Ranch 
Novel:Title: War On Wishbone Range 
Novel:Title: Clear the Trail 
Novel:Title: Lonesome Ranch 
Novel:Title: West of Apache Pass 
Novel:Title: Silver Spurs 
Novel:Title: Kingdom in the Cactus 
Novel:Title: Parade of the Empty Boots 
Novel:Title: Treasure Ranch 
Novel:Title: Arizona Jim 
Novel:Title: So Long, Sucker 

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