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Novel:Title: The Thing in B-3 
Novelette:Title: The Impossible Godiva 
Novelette:Title: The Jabberwock Valentine 
Novelette:Title: A Hunger in the Blood 
Short story:Title: A Friendly Exorcise 
Short story:Title: Murder-bait! 
Short story:Title: Scales And Blindfold 
Short story:Title: Barney Is the Hero 
Short story:Title: Terror in the Sun 
Short story:Title: The Great Mutation 
Short story:Title: I Had a Hunch, And... 
Short story:Title: Jury of One 
Short story:Title: The Complete Robin 
Short story:Title: Heist in Pianissimo 
Short story:Title: Drawer 14 
Short story:Title: The Bet 
Short story:Title: The Hungry World AffairWriting as Robert Hart Davis
Short story:Title: Easy Mark 
Short story:Title: Harry's Ghost 
Short story:Title: Chimps Ain't Chumps 
Short story:Title: The Ultimate Prey 
Short story:Title: Hope Chest 
Short story:Title: Beulah 
Short story:Title: Charlie 
Short story:Title: Night of the Goblin 
Short story:Title: Survival Exercise 

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