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Novel:Title: ChronoculesAlso as Hot Wireless Sets
Also as Aspirin Tablets
Also as the Sandpaper Sides of Used Matchboxes
Also as and Something that Might have been Castor Oil
Locus for Best SF Novel award nomination

Novel:Title: The Steel Crocodile Also as The Electric Crocodile
Locus Best SF Novel award nomination
Nebula Best Novel award nomination

Novel:Title: The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe Also as The Unsleeping Eye
Also as Deathwatch
Locus Best SF Novel award nomination

Novel:Title: And Murder Came Too
Writing as:
    Guy Compton
Novel:Title: Ascendancies 
Novel:Title: Back of Town Blues 
Novel:Title: A Dangerous Magic
Writing as:
    Francis Lynch
Novel:Title: Dead On Cue
Writing as:
    Guy Compton
Novel:Title: Disguise for a Dead Gentleman
Writing as:
    Guy Compton
Novel:Title: Farewell, Earth's Bliss 
Novel:Title: The Fine and Handsome Captain
Writing as:
    Francis Lynch
Novel:Title: High Tide for Hanging
Writing as:
    Guy Compton
Novel:Title: Justice City 
Novel:Title: The Missionaries 
Novel:Title: Nomansland 
Novel:Title: The Palace 
Novel:Title: The Quality of Mercy 
Novel:Title: Ragnarok
    John Gribbin
Novel:Title: Scudder's Game 
Novel:Title: The Silent Multitude 
Novel:Title: So Here's Our Leo 
Novel:Title: Stranger at the Wedding
Writing as:
    Francis Lynch
Novel:Title: Synthajoy 
Novel:Title: Too Many Murderers
Writing as:
    Guy Compton
Novel:Title: Twice Ten Thousand Miles
Writing as:
    Francis Lynch
Novel:Title: A Usual Lunacy 
Novel:Title: Windows 
Short story:Title: The Steel Crocodileexerpt
Short story:Title: Bender, Fenugreek, Slatterman and Mupp 
Short story:Title: The Eternal Amateur 
Short story:Title: In Which Avu Giddy Tries to Stop Dancing 
Short story:Title: It's Smart to Have an English Address 
Short story:Title: Sarah 
Short story:Title: Time Exposure 
Short story:Title: A Turning Off the Minch Park Road 
Collection:Title: Radio Plays 

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