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Novel:Title: The Day After JudgementGroup:After Such Knowledge

Novel:Title: Doctor MirabilisGroup:After Such Knowledge

Novel:Title: Black EasterGroup:After Such Knowledge
Nebula Best Novel award nomination (1969)

Novel:Title: Welcome to MarsGroup:Haertel Scholium

Novel:Title: A Case of ConscienceGroup:Haertel Scholium
Hugo Best Novel Award (1959)
Retro Hugo Best Novella Award (2004)
Locus All-time Best Novel award nomination (1975)
BFSA Fiftieth Anniversary Award: Best Novel of 1958 award nomination (2007)

Novel:Title: They Shall Have StarsGroup:Haertel Scholium

Novel:Title: The Triumph of TimeGroup:Haertel Scholium
BSFA Fiftieth Anniversary: Best Novel of 1958 award nomination (2007)

Novel:Title: The Thing in the AtticGroup:Haertel Scholium

Novel:Title: Mission to the Heart StarsGroup:Haertel Scholium
Group:Star Dwellers

Novel:Title: The Star DwellersGroup:Haertel Scholium
Group:Star Dwellers

Novel:Title: A Life for the StarsGroup:Haertel Scholium

Novel:Title: Spock Must Die!Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 10Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 11
    Judith Ann Lawrence
Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 2Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 3Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 4Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 5Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 6Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 7Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 8Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Star Trek 9Group:Star Trek

Novel:Title: Sword of XotaLater "Warriors of Day"
Novel:Title: BindlestiffRetro Hugo Best Novelette award nomination (2001)

Novel:Title: Titans' DaughterPreviously as "Beanstalk"
Novel:Title: The Warriors of DayPreviously "Sword of Xota"
Novel:Title: The Quincunx of TimeThis is a novelization of "Beep"
Novel:Title: The Abattoir Effect 
Novel:Title: Against the Stone Beasts 
Novel:Title: The Airwhale 
Novel:Title: ...And All the Stars a Stage 
Novel:Title: ...And All the Stars a Stage 
Novel:Title: And Some Were Savages 
Novel:Title: The Art of the Sneeze 
Novel:Title: At Death's End 
Novel:Title: Backfield Business 
Novel:Title: Back Seat Hoopster 
Novel:Title: Back-shot Legacy 
Novel:Title: Barb-Wire Law 
Novel:Title: Bats for Brains 
Novel:Title: Battle of the Unborn 
Novel:Title: Bequest of the Angel 
Novel:Title: Blackout in Cygni 
Novel:Title: Bloody Pulp Stories 
Novel:Title: Bonanza in Lead 
Novel:Title: The Book of your Life 
Novel:Title: The Bore 
Novel:Title: The Bounding Crown 
Novel:Title: Bridge 
Novel:Title: Callistan Cabal 
Novel:Title: Casey and the Second String 
Novel:Title: Chaos, Co-ordinated 
Novel:Title: Chinook Bill and the Shooting Woman 
Novel:Title: Cinder Saint 
Novel:Title: The City that was the World 
Novel:Title: A Clash of Cymbals 
Novel:Title: Claw of the Kidnapped Idol 
Novel:Title: Darkside Crossing 
Novel:Title: Death's Crystal Towers 
Novel:Title: Death's Photo Finish 
Novel:Title: Death off the Record 
Novel:Title: Detour to the Stars 
Novel:Title: Double-Clutch Danger 
Novel:Title: Dribble Trouble 
Novel:Title: The Duplicated Man
    Michael Sherman
Novel:Title: Elixir 
Novel:Title: Emergency Refueling 
Novel:Title: Esper 
Novel:Title: Fallen Star 
Novel:Title: Ferry to a Funeral 
Novel:Title: First Strike 
Novel:Title: Freedom Lode 
Novel:Title: The Frozen Year 
Novel:Title: Fullback Frankenstein 
Novel:Title: FYI 
Novel:Title: The Genius Heap 
Novel:Title: Getting Along 
Novel:Title: Giants in the Earth 
Novel:Title: The Glitch 
Novel:Title: Gridiron Workhorse 
Novel:Title: A Hero's Life 
Novel:Title: The Homesteader 
Novel:Title: Hot Horn - Cold Heart 
Novel:Title: The Hound of Hades 
Novel:Title: The Hour Before Earthrise 
Novel:Title: The Hustler 
Novel:Title: I Remember Murder 
Novel:Title: Jack of Eagles 
Novel:Title: Jungle of the Microcosm 
Novel:Title: Killer Come Back to Me! 
Novel:Title: Killer of Fire 
Novel:Title: A Light to Fight By 
Novel:Title: Masks 
Novel:Title: A Matter of Energy 
Novel:Title: Mistake Inside 
Novel:Title: More Light 
Novel:Title: Murder Wears a Mourning Cloak 
Novel:Title: Neptunian Refuge 
Novel:Title: The Night Shapes 
Novel:Title: No Jokes on Mars 
Novel:Title: No Winter, No Summer 
Novel:Title: Now That Man is Gone 
Novel:Title: One-Shot 
Novel:Title: On the Wall of the Lodge 
Novel:Title: On the Wall of the Lodge 
Novel:Title: Our Binary Brothers 
Novel:Title: Peace Declared! 
Novel:Title: Phantom Blades 
Novel:Title: Phoenix Planet 
Novel:Title: The Piper of Dis 
Novel:Title: Puck Poison 
Novel:Title: The Real Thrill 
Novel:Title: Red Chip for Blackmail 
Novel:Title: Sabers are for Saps 
Novel:Title: Sargasso of Lost Cities 
Novel:Title: Scrapple at the Crease 
Novel:Title: The Secret People 
Novel:Title: Serpent's Fetish 
Novel:Title: Skysign 
Novel:Title: Slide, Sucker, Slide 
Novel:Title: The Snake-Headed Sceptre 
Novel:Title: The Solar Comedy 
Novel:Title: Solar Plexus 
Novel:Title: The Spirit is Killing 
Novel:Title: Sponge Dive 
Novel:Title: Star Trek 
Novel:Title: Statistician's Day 
Novel:Title: Ten Yards to Glory 
Novel:Title: Tiger Ride 
Novel:Title: To Love Another 
Novel:Title: The Topaz Gate 
Novel:Title: A Torrent of Faces
    Norman L. Knight
Novel:Title: The Torrid Type 
Novel:Title: Total Recall 
Novel:Title: Touchdown Destiny 
Novel:Title: Touchdown Tenderfoot 
Novel:Title: Translation 
Novel:Title: Turn of a Century 
Novel:Title: Two Worlds in Peril 
Novel:Title: The Vanished Jet 
Novel:Title: The Void is my Coffin 
Novel:Title: VOR
    Damon Knight
Novel:Title: Weapon out of Time 
Novel:Title: When Anteros Came 
Novel:Title: Who's in Charge Here? 
Novel:Title: Witches Three 
Novel:Title: With Malice to Come 
Novel:Title: Writing of the Rat 
Novel:Title: Year 2018! 
Novella:Title: Midsummer CenturyGroup:Haertel Scholium
Locus Best Novella award nomination (1973)

Novella:Title: We All Die NakedHugo Best Novella award nomination (1970)

Novella:Title: A Style in TreasonNebula Best Novella award nomination (1971)

Novelette:Title: OkieGroup:Haertel Scholium
Retro Hugo Best Novelette award nomination (2001)

Novelette:Title: Earthman Come HomeGroup:Haertel Scholium
Retro Hugo Best Novelette Award (2004)

Novelette:Title: The Shipwrecked HotelNebula Award Best Novelette award nomination (1966)

Short story:Title: King of the HillAlso as L'affaire du VS 1 [French]
Also as Il Re della Collina [Italian]
Hugo Best Short Story award nomination (1956)

Short story:Title: BeepGroup:Haertel Scholium

Short story:Title: Common TimeGroup:Haertel Scholium

Short story:Title: Nor Iron BarsGroup:Haertel Scholium

Short story:Title: Surface TensionGroup:Haertel Scholium

Short story:Title: WatershedGroup:Haertel Scholium

Short story:Title: A Time to SurviveGroup:Haertel Scholium
Also as Seeding Program

Short story:Title: A Dusk of IdolsGroup:Haertel Scholium
Hugo Best Short Fiction award nomination (1962)

Short story:Title: BeanstalkLater as "Titan's Daughter"
Short story:Title: Faust Aleph-NullNovelization of this is Black easter
Short story:Title: The Weakness of RVOG
    Damon Knight
Rewritten as "VOR", a novelization
Short story:Title: The Box 
Short story:Title: Citadel of Thought 
Short story:Title: Get Out of my Sky 
Short story:Title: How Beautiful With Banners 
Short story:Title: Let the Finder Beware! 
Short story:Title: The Oath 
Short story:Title: On the Walls of the Lodge 
Short story:Title: Sunken Universe
Writing as:
    Arthur Lloyd Merlyn
Short story:Title: Testament of Andros 
Short story:Title: There Shall Be No Darkness 
Short story:Title: This Earth of Hours 
Short story:Title: Tomb Tapper 
Short story:Title: To Pay the Piper 
Short story:Title: A Work of Art 
Collection:Title: AnywhenGroup:Haertel Scholium

Collection:Title: Galactic ClusterGroup:Haertel Scholium

Collection:Title: So Close to HomeGroup:Haertel Scholium

Collection:Title: Cities in Flight IGroup:Haertel Scholium
Locus All-Time Best Novel award nomination (1975)

Collection:Title: The Seedling StarsGroup:Haertel Scholium

Collection:Title: Cities in Flight IIGroup:Haertel Scholium

Collection:Title: Star Trek Reader IIIGroup:Star Trek
  • Star Trek 10
  • Star Trek 11
  • Spock Must Die

Collection:Title: Star Trek Reader IIGroup:Star Trek
  • Star Trek 1
  • Star Trek 4
  • Star Trek 9

Collection:Title: Star Trek ReaderGroup:Star Trek
  • Star Trek 2
  • Star Trek 3
  • Star Trek 8

Collection:Title: The Best of James BlishLocus Best Single Author Collection award nomination (1980)

Collection:Title: With All of Love
    Judith Ann Lawrence
Poetry collection
Collection:Title: Best Science Fiction Stories of James Blish 
Collection:Title: A Dusk of Idols and Other Stories 
Collection:Title: Get Out of My Sky and There Shall Be No Darkness 
Collection:Title: A Work of Art and Other Stories 
Poetry:Title: All Hallows Leave 
Poetry:Title: An Alembic 
Poetry:Title: An Expectation 
Poetry:Title: Antiphony 
Poetry:Title: Atalantidon 
Poetry:Title: At the New School 
Poetry:Title: Aubade for Radio 
Poetry:Title: Auto-da-Fe 
Poetry:Title: A Beatitude 
Poetry:Title: Breach 
Poetry:Title: Caesura 
Poetry:Title: Caprice After Ronsard 
Poetry:Title: Cinderella, or The Eye's Habit: The Poet as Voyeur 
Poetry:Title: Come Away Death 
Poetry:Title: The Coming Forth 
Poetry:Title: Die Einwichlung 
Poetry:Title: Dies Irae 
Poetry:Title: Dispatch from Gaza 
Poetry:Title: A Djinn of the Green Djinni 
Poetry:Title: Dove Sta Memoria 
Poetry:Title: Exeunt 
Poetry:Title: Exeunt Omnes 
Poetry:Title: Goodnight 
Poetry:Title: Grandmother Always Wore Stilts 
Poetry:Title: Grand Pause 
Poetry:Title: Homage to Wm. Carlos Williams 
Poetry:Title: Husbandry in Heaven 
Poetry:Title: Huysmans Discovers the Reciprocating Engine 
Poetry:Title: In Memoriam: Fletcher Pratt 
Poetry:Title: Letter From a Selenite 
Poetry:Title: A Long Convalescence 
Poetry:Title: A Mirror Without Cloud 
Poetry:Title: Misprisons 
Poetry:Title: A Morning Song 
Poetry:Title: My God, The Greeks 
Poetry:Title: Nocturne 
Poetry:Title: Oryx in Phoenix 
Poetry:Title: Poem in Form of a Triangle 
Poetry:Title: The Poet Waiting for Charon 
Poetry:Title: Prayer for Joyce 
Poetry:Title: Red April 
Poetry:Title: A Reprise 
Poetry:Title: Retreat and Flourish 
Poetry:Title: Ringel, Ringel Rosenkrantz 
Poetry:Title: Ritornello 
Poetry:Title: Scenario: The Edifice 
Poetry:Title: Sennet Before Carbonek 
Poetry:Title: Seranade for Telephone 
Poetry:Title: Sleepy Song 
Poetry:Title: Song 
Poetry:Title: Song as Song 
Poetry:Title: Song Called To Account of Darkness 
Poetry:Title: A Song for Music 
Poetry:Title: South Wind 
Poetry:Title: Tabby, Dead 
Poetry:Title: Testement of Theseus 
Poetry:Title: Theory of Right Action 
Poetry:Title: Theory of Tragedy 
Poetry:Title: Thersites 
Poetry:Title: Two Brands for the Burning 
Poetry:Title: Venice Observed 1969 
Poetry:Title: Votary 
Poetry:Title: White Night 
Article:Title: The Tale That Wags The GodLocus Best Non-Fiction award nomination (1988)

Article:Title: 2001: A Note on the Music 
Article:Title: American Fantasy Boom 
Article:Title: The Anagram Game: More About Mother and Elsewhere 
Article:Title: The Anagram Game: Three More 
Article:Title: Announcement - A Wake Appendix 
Article:Title: Another Book at the Wake 
Article:Title: Aristotelean Spheres 
Article:Title: Articles on: Science Fiction / Grolier Encyclopedia 
Article:Title: The Arts in Science Fiction 
Article:Title: At the Altar of Sesphra: An Approach to the Allegory 
Article:Title: A Bad Idea Trampled to Death by Ducks 
Article:Title: A Bough to Cabell 
Article:Title: Cabel as Voluntarist 
Article:Title: Cabell as Historical Actor 
Article:Title: Cabell as Kabbalist 
Article:Title: Cabell as Playwright 
Article:Title: The Climate of Insult 
Article:Title: The Coming Struggle for Pound 
Article:Title: Comments from the Waiting List 
Article:Title: Comments on Torrent 
Article:Title: Credo: James Blish 
Article:Title: Debussy contra Berg 
Article:Title: Dianetics: A Door to the Future 
Article:Title: Did Cabell Use the Tarot Deck? 
Article:Title: Die Wiederentdeckung James Branch Cabell 
Article:Title: Discourse on Prosody 
Article:Title: Eblis in Bakelite 
Article:Title: Eclectic Occultism 
Article:Title: The Economist 
Article:Title: The Economist 
Article:Title: The Economist 
Article:Title: Eine Kleine Okie-Musik 
Article:Title: Ettarre an Anagram? 
Article:Title: Fapa and the Pamphleteers 
Article:Title: Field Reports 
Article:Title: Figures of Earth / The Silver Stallion 
Article:Title: Foreward to Lewis Padgett 
Article:Title: Foreward to the Best of John W. Campbell 
Article:Title: Formal Music at the Wake 
Article:Title: The Function of Science Fiction 
Article:Title: The Future in Books 
Article:Title: The Geography of Dream 
Article:Title: The Good, The Bad, The Indifferent 
Article:Title: The Great Historian 
Article:Title: High Fantasy-And Lots of it 
Article:Title: Inchieste, Fantascienza e Cineme-Le Riposte 
Article:Title: Introduction to Alexei Panshin 
Article:Title: Introduction to J. B. Cabell, Figures of Earth 
Article:Title: Introduction to J. B. Cabell, Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice 
Article:Title: Introduction to J. B. Cabell, The Silver Stallion 
Article:Title: Introduction to Lester Del Ray 
Article:Title: Introduction to Ursula K. Le Guin 
Article:Title: Is This Thinking? 
Article:Title: James Blish on the Decline of the Supernatural 
Article:Title: John Brunner: A Colleague's View 
Article:Title: The Jurgen Suite 
Article:Title: Kram Revisited 
Article:Title: Let Them Say It! 
Article:Title: The Literary Dreamers 
Article:Title: The Little Mag 
Article:Title: London: Sphere Books 
Article:Title: The Long Night of a Virginia Author 
Article:Title: Look Dear, He Found My Lost Necklace, or, Roto-Rooting in the Unconscious 
Article:Title: Manual's Second Coming 
Article:Title: Moskowitz on Kuttner 
Article:Title: Music of the Absurd 
Article:Title: New Myth for Ulysses 
Article:Title: A New Totenism? 
Article:Title: Notes on Writing Science Fiction 
Article:Title: Ode pour l'Election de Son Sepulchre 
Article:Title: On A Clear Day All You Can See Is Placards 
Article:Title: On Science Fiction Criticism 
Article:Title: Paranoia and Science Fiction 
Article:Title: The Pisan Cantos 
Article:Title: Poul Anderson: The Enduring Explosion 
Article:Title: The Pound Scandal 
Article:Title: Primitive Cabell - And Cabellians 
Article:Title: The Problem of Scoteia 
Article:Title: Readin' and Writhin' 
Article:Title: Rituals on Ezra Pound 
Article:Title: Science Fiction - An Uneasy Marriage 
Article:Title: Science Fiction Bookshelf 
Article:Title: The Science in Science Fiction 
Article:Title: Science in Science Fiction 
Article:Title: The Secret Files of Captain Video 
Article:Title: SF: The Critical Literature 
Article:Title: Some Cabellian Tropes 
Article:Title: Some Fictional Descendents of Carroll 
Article:Title: Source Notes: A Horrible Quiet Noise 
Article:Title: Source Notes: Birdsong 
Article:Title: Source Notes: Cabell Gets One Wrong 
Article:Title: Source Notes: More Spells 
Article:Title: Source Notes: Ninzian Gets One Right 
Article:Title: Source Notes: The Mirror and the Pigeons Resolved 
Article:Title: Source Notes: Witches, Demons, and Spells 
Article:Title: Special Announcement - A Wake Appendix 
Article:Title: The Stallion's Other Members 
Article:Title: A Surfeit of Lem, Please? 
Article:Title: The Tales That Wags The God 
Article:Title: Theodore Sturgeon's Macrocosm 
Article:Title: Think Me To Your Leader 
Article:Title: The Tolkien of the Twenties Returns 
Article:Title: To Rhadamanthus, Snarling: Cabel Against His Critics 
Article:Title: A Transatlantic View 
Article:Title: Trinity as Trilogy 
Article:Title: The View From Mispec Moor 
Article:Title: View From Mispec Moor, The, Footnotes to The Long Night 
Article:Title: Wallpaper Listening 
Article:Title: Why Do Poets Bother? 
Article:Title: A Wildean Echo? 
Article:Title: The Wilderness of Mirrors 
Article:Title: Wine and Water 
Anthology:Title: Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 1Group:Star Trek

Anthology:Title: Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 2Group:Star Trek

Anthology:Title: Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 3Group:Star Trek

Anthology:Title: Introducing James Branch Cabell 
Essay:Title: All in a Knight's Work 
Essay:Title: Classroom Beachhead 
Essay:Title: The Development of a Science Fiction Writer 
Essay:Title: Five Answers 
Essay:Title: Future Recall 
Essay:Title: If You Don't Like It Here, Why Don't You Go Back Where You Came From? 
Essay:Title: In Tomorrow's Little Black Bag 
Essay:Title: The Invention of Science 
Essay:Title: Invisible Armada 
Essay:Title: James Blish 
Essay:Title: James Blish Talks to Brian Aldiss 
Essay:Title: Language-Writer's Ivory Tower 
Essay:Title: Let Joy Be Unconfined 
Essay:Title: Medical News Stories 
Essay:Title: A Message from Loki 
Essay:Title: Methuselah's Grandparents 
Essay:Title: New Drugs for Old Ills 
Essay:Title: Our Inhabited Universe 
Essay:Title: Planet Earth 
Essay:Title: The Playboy Panel: 1984 and Beyond 
Essay:Title: Probapossible Prolegomena to Ideareal History
Writing as:
    William Atheling Jr.
Essay:Title: The Road to Death 
Essay:Title: A Science-Fiction Coming of Age 
Essay:Title: Scientific Method and Political Action 
Essay:Title: The Shadowy Figure of Roger Bacon 
Essay:Title: Some Functions of Historical Rationalism 
Essay:Title: Sputnik and the Pharmaceutical Industry 
Essay:Title: The Strange Career of Doctor Mirabilis 
Essay:Title: Tips to Trippers 
Essay:Title: What is Evidence? 
Essay:Title: WRL 
Essay:Title: Zombie...? 
Letter:Title: Dialectical Letter to Chandler Davis 
Review:Title: Book Review 
Review:Title: Book Reviews 
Review:Title: Book Reviews. Classic Features 
Review:Title: Books (19 book reviews) 
Review:Title: Electra: A Record Review 
Review:Title: Peter Grimes: A Review 
Review:Title: Review: Mary Ellen Bute, Passages from Finnegan's Wake 
Review:Title: Review of a Shorter Finnigan's Wake 
Review:Title: A Review of Brian Aldiss' Barefoot In The Head 
Review:Title: Review of The Silver Stallion 
Review:Title: Review: The Air Conditioned Nightmare 
Criticism:Title: The Issue At Hand
Writing as:
    William Atheling Jr.
Criticism:Title: More Issues At Hand
Writing as:
    William Atheling Jr.
Play:Title: Captain Video and the Sub-space Corsair 
Play:Title: Carbonite Johnny 
Play:Title: C.I.D. Universe 
Play:Title: Eros and Psyche 
Play:Title: The Gold Frame 
Play:Title: The Man Without a Planet 
Play:Title: The Night Shapes 
Play:Title: The Space Witch 
Play:Title: A True Bill 
Appendix:Title: Appendices to Electra Record Review 
Interview:Title: Interview With James Blish 
Interview:Title: James Blish Interviewed 

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