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Novel:Title: Born of Elven Bloodwith Kevin J. Anderson
Novel:Title: Pacificawith Linda E. Bushyager
Novel:Title: The Blind Archer 
Novel:Title: The Dragon Sorcerer 
Novel:Title: Johnny Zed 
Novel:Title: Rememory 
Novel:Title: Rogue Pirate 
Novel:Title: Starskimmer 
Novella:Title: Horizon 
Novelette:Title: Honored Be Her Namewith Darrell Schweitzer
Novelette:Title: Faramigon's Eye 
Novelette:Title: Hunter's Pink 
Short story:Title: The Children of Lommoswith Darrell Schweitzer
Short story:Title: The Last Child of Masferigonwith Darrell Schweitzer
Short story:Title: Not Omnipotent Enoughwith George H. Scithers
Short story:Title: Afterglowwith H. B. Fyfe
Short story:Title: The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society 
Short story:Title: Alien Still Life 
Short story:Title: The Art of the Smile 
Short story:Title: Blooding Jeffy 
Short story:Title: Buck, Glory Rae, & the Three Little Pigs 
Short story:Title: By Moonlight 
Short story:Title: Cleaning Up At Slab's 
Short story:Title: The Darkfishers 
Short story:Title: The Devil's Own 
Short story:Title: Dogs Questing 
Short story:Title: Dragneuronet 
Short story:Title: Dreamtime in Adjaphon 
Short story:Title: Dry Days in Yellow Gulch 
Short story:Title: The Duke of Demolition Goes To Hell 
Short story:Title: Final Call 
Short story:Title: Godfall 
Short story:Title: The Green Thumb 
Short story:Title: In the Cusp of the Hour 
Short story:Title: In Their Cups At Slab's 
Short story:Title: The Invasion of the Jack Benny Snatchers 
Short story:Title: The Last Guardian of Ru Ishtl 
Short story:Title: The Latest Fad 
Short story:Title: The Man Who Collected Knives 
Short story:Title: Messiah 
Short story:Title: Miss Vampire New Mexico Meets Her Dream Date 
Short story:Title: On the Rocks At Slab's 
Short story:Title: On the Scent At Slab's 
Short story:Title: The Pirates of Caluur 
Short story:Title: Prototype 
Short story:Title: A Rat Aloft 
Short story:Title: The River Lethe Is Made of Tears 
Short story:Title: Shark! 
Short story:Title: Sympathy For Dragons 
Short story:Title: Sympathy For Mad Scientists 
Short story:Title: Sympathy For Psychos 
Short story:Title: Sympathy For Vampires 
Short story:Title: Sympathy For Zombies 
Short story:Title: The Tale of Lady Ashburn 
Short story:Title: Tap Dancing 
Short story:Title: Try, Try Again 
Short story:Title: Vernon's Dragon 
Short story:Title: Vole 
Short story:Title: The Weird of Mazel Dey 
Short story:Title: Well Bottled At Slab's 

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